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Welcome to my Blues page!

My name is Ray Roth and I have written, directed and produced a 24 min. documentary entitled "I Got The Blues... The Canadian Blues" about several Canadian (and some non - Canadian) Blues musicians and their music.

This is an introductory half-hour TV program for the general public.

It explains the Blues' origins, a musical definition of the Blues and how it evolved from Africa to the Southern USA and then North into Canada.

Is there a Canadian Blues musical style? This TV program showcases some well known Blues musicians discussing their take of the Canadian Blues scene. Look under Bryan Lee for one perspective.

This documentary had its debut on CFCF-12 (a Montreal TV station that covers most of Quebec) on Thursday, September 11, 1997 at 7:30 pm.

Here is a list of the blues people that show up in this documentary (in order of appearance):

[Click on a name and you'll see a photo of that person and some background information or a part of an interview or go to an other site, on a different server, about that person. If you want to come back to this site you should bookmark it now.]

Jitterbug Swing, Randy Renaud, Rita Chiarelli, Jerry Dugger, Rick Weston, Bob Walsh, Otis Grand , Zeke Prelosnjak (a.k.a. Harmonica Zeke, Michael Nerenberg of The Locos Locaux, Bryan Lee, Steve Hill, Mike Goudreau of Boppin'Blues Band, Todd Littlefield (manager/promoter with Diesel Management), Stephen Barry of the Stephen Barry Band, Morgan Davies, Dutch Mason, Lou Simon, Rick Fines' official home page , Andy Forest,

And Blues musicians I have met and appreciated: Jimmy James, Suzy Vinnick and Karl Kelly.


And here is the obligatory BLUES links page:

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This documentary was a labor of love. My day job is Production Manager on movies, TV series, commercials and documentaries. E mail me if you have any questions about producing in Quebec or Ontario. (I am a Directors' Guild of Canada national member.)

If you want to help promote the Blues (Mechanical fees go to the publishers) and get me to do a longer version or even a TV series, please email me with a request to "buy the Blues VHS" (19.99 + S/H) please include your address so I can figure the S/H and if you live in Canada GST and in Quebec PST. I will email you a PayPal invoice.

Thanks for taking the time to look at this site.

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