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An Abstract Learning of Dislocations


Educational Limericks



The Guys and Gals of my Hind


In a country as old as Hind,

There lived some Guys and Gals in Pradesh Sind

The Gals never did use their mind,

Thatís why they got severely left behind,

And the guys rolled on to fall in line!

No wonder they followed the scent of daffodils in wind!

And that complacency allowed Sind drift away from Hind


2005 Priyavrat Thareja



Classical Indian Education


The curriculum of education in Gurukulam,

Produced disciples as cool as lamb.

Though as tall in values as a tomb,

And as secure in knowledge as child in womb.


Mythologicallythey well aquainted with God Ram,

Yet mystically they were equally cupid with small RAM

Using PCís to operating excellence of PARAM ( Indian Super Computer)

It is integrating technologically with precious DHARAM


Such, Gurukulam Shishyas today can holistically plan,

What rest consider as Chewing (iron) Grams.


2005 Priyavrat Thareja




Magical Operations

 The magic formula for competitive succession

does possibly prevail when success must happen: 

To get them linearly aligned to perceptions,

Ďoneí has to mention following three actions:

1.Knowing customer domain, and making sense

2.Monitoring motivation cum operator attendance

3.Befitting automated operations with IT stimulants

Using these holistically with relevant variants;

Integrating them all is vital to oneís cognizance

 Thatís the magic formula for competitive succession


2005 Priyavrat Thareja

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