The Artistical Instincts in me!
Home Page of P Thareja  I believe that indulgence in creative pursuits is one's assets for a long term impact. Every product design draws upon artistically driven pursuits. For aesthetic appeal of a product gives the biggest satisfaction to most of the people ( provided safety and functional requirements have been met; and  indeed lack of meeting these may not be a deterrent for the first timers).

How does one inculcate creativity, is no easy question. One perhaps has to sacrifice very much for achieving a potent vector of creativity, in the right direction, at the appropriate moment, of a judicious dimension. The sacrifice is in terms of one being alive to the requirement of a large base of knowledge, but a plain and inviting canvas, over which one is ready to paint an abstract picture of the hardest of facts.

Creativity is therefore akin to communication. Resources do establish the need of a good measure of communication ability. Communication is possibly by graphics, by signs or sign language, by ideas which are formatted using alphabets (which again are graphical forms at the grass root level, and achieve a meaning or a thought when arranged in a stipulated pattern. The selection, design and arrangement is an attribute of expression, the creative impulse: when it is of  sufficient significance, is termed as innovation.

Like to read the poem on "innovation" !

I have tried various mediums for expressing creativity: words, graphics, collage, clay, steel, and even graphics.

See the development of the Logo of my alma mater "Punjab Engineering College"

It was a result of not my creativity. But my Devotion, Love and Respect for my alma mater, my college. My college, where I chose to be back to serve, leaving back a dream career at the department of Metallurgical Engineering, University of Roorkee, ( now IIT Roorkee, which provided me the first teaching exposure to academia as a Lecturer.



Sunflower Photo Caption

I pursued photography as a hobby.

Voiglander as a camera ( Germann Bessa III. I learnt to control the "picture perfect" quality, optimising 'Depth of Field 'and the highlighting of the subject.

I loved to expose buildings.

I was a member secretary of the Art and Photography club, and  also the President for a large number of years, which organized an exhibition ,every going year, of the students work.

My own endeavors include Oil Painting, sculpture, wood crafting, paper mashie, clay modeling, graphic designing, and not the least, writing (including journalism)'

Essence of Quality:

a Poem

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