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Priyavrat, Thareja
 Metallurgical engineering Teacher, Engineer, alive to Societal dimensions. which are depicted in Priyavrat's work, projects undertaken, creative endeavors including Poems.

The following pages will take you entour the saga of poetic creativity integrating Metallurgical engineering, Management sciences, SHE (Safety Health and Environment) and even religiousness.


Oh Lord, In your ultimate Fabric is interspersed my small .jpg adobe,
I only pray itís coherent with the large number of pixels your web abodes,
Know! the manís web can support, may be, 16 million colours or more,
But God your ways are supreme, with unsurmountable Colours, all galore.

My .jpg file, believe we, is a reproduction of what had Thy painted,
Except some swabs here and there which I often here and there spilled,
Ah! God, you allowed the complimentary resolution of effects created,
automatically, excusing my ignorance and as by bliss prevailed unabated .

Oh God my all attempts to zoom the bits have only allowed consolation,
Like in macro fabric of www. these Formats are no worthy of celebration,
Oh God! Give me all the energies, so that I can help web better linkages,
Radiate your Divine love Globally, and disperse widely this message.

© 1999 Priyavrat Thareja.

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