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Magic Item Creation
Birthright is not a realm filled with mages, mainly due to the neccesity of a blood line to be able to cast true magic ( 3rd level and above ). This is not to say that the land is magic poor however as the mages that do possess power have it in abundence. To reflect this there shoud be adjustments to the creation of magic items. 

For non regent wizards the rules presented in the DMG(tm) Suffice however these rules need adaptation for regents.

Firstly a wizard regent has access to libraries and large amounts of wealth to reflect this the wizard regent should already have a laboritory and library for creation of magic items if not, the cost of this is 5 GB as described in Tome and Blood the addition of an Alchemical lab is negligable.

Second due to the resources and staff available to the wizard regent The time involved in creation is 1 day per GB in the base price. This is double the rate of the PHB and also fits more with the turn schedual of the Birthright setting.

And finally with access to Realm Magic the regent can use regency instead of  experience. The amount of regency is equal to the base price in GB. To use this method however a regent must have access to a source which is equal to half the caster level needed to make the item ie for a 7th level item access a 4th level source is necesssary. 

Making multiple items: A regent can make up to 30 GB worth of magic items per action round if the total cost exceeds this then a second or third round action is taken up.

For blooded apprentices the cost is double due to inexperience and indirect contact with the sources.

Researching Spells
In this case reasearching new spells is similar to the creation of magic item.The regent mage has a greater access to assistance and resources, such as starting with a library, the time for creating new spells should be lessened. A good rule of thumb is a regent can reaserch 6 spell levels of spells per  action round this is almost double the rate of the PHB. A non regent wizard, leutenant or apprentice is limited to the standard rates in the DMG ie 4 levels per domain action. This rate also applies to battle magics which can only be researched if the wizard has learned the base spell, eg fly for flying unit.

The creation of realm spells is at a like rate except it is 6 caster levels per action round, again a non regeant wizard is limited to half this reaserch.

The cost of this research is 1gb per two levels of the spell as per the DMG, note this applies to new and already developed spells that are being sought with out the assistance of a scroll or spell book with the spell already in it.

A quicker means of aquiring spells is of course trading, buying, finding, or stealing. This of course only allows access to pre existing spells and usually the more common less martial spells.

The cost for learning a spell that a scroll or copy is available for is as in the PHB ie 200gp for materials per spell level ( lvl 0 = 100gp ) and a period of one day per spell level, so a maximum of 30 levels of spells can be researched in one domain action. ( this is slightly simplified from the PHB ) The learning of spells this way also needs a spell craft check with a dificulty class of 15+ the spells level. 

A method for the purchase of spells from the Collage of Sorcery is as follows:

We at the collage of sorcery open our door to the learned mages and magicians of Anuire we are able to provide a service to extend your magical repetoire this service is only available to members of our esteemed organisation.

We offer the following:

The purchase of True Magic of spells that affect a Realm shall be 2,000gp (1 GB) per level of the spell.

The purchase of Batle Magics shall be 1000gp per level ( 1/2 GB) and the purchaser should be warned that prior knowledge of the base spell is necessary. 

The purchase of other spells is set at 2,000gp per 4 levels (1/4 GB per level)

The collage accepts no responsibility for the manner in which the spells thus sold are used

Further more the collage is always looking for new magics and upon varification of a new incantation the Collage is willing to offer credit of 4000gp per realm spell level, 2000gb per battle spell level and 1000gp per other spell level. This is on varification the at the spell is authentic. 



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