Wojtyla, the Revolting Antipope

A Refutation of AVF's "Revolutionary Pope"

"Qui Verbum Dei contempserunt, eis auferetur etiam verbum hominis!"

©Lúcio Mascarenhas. April 16, 2005.
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This article dedicated to His Holiness Pope Michael, and to the Triumph of Holy Mother Church — Lúcio

It is my moral obligation to Defend the Truth — and leave the consequences to God.

It is with profound regrets that I must say it, yet say it I must: If there was any doubt "that the legion of fools is infinite", AVF's "hagiography" of the Satanist and Modernist Antipope, Karol Wojtyla or "John-Paul II" should demolish any such doubts.

This "hagiography" is even more astounding given that I had but shortly before published my examination and indictment — once again — of the Satanist Wojtyla, in my article, Rocket Science for the Soul.

Given this fact — and that none of the reasons I have set out to prove that Wojtyla was a Satanist have been addressed and refuted — the act of publishing this "hagiography" constitutes nothing less than an act of brazenness, mendacity and contumacy against Christ and the truth.

The blockheadedness of the members of a certain sect — who, seeing refuse to see, hearing refuse to hear, knowing refuse to know, but who go relentlessly and ravenously to gorge themselves on their own vomit, and the bait that Satan puts out for them, who prefer the ephemeral, nay chimerical, ecstasy of emotionalism to the security and solidity of cold, hard reasoning, is depressing.

Pope Gregory XVI had warned us, in his Encyclical Mirari Nos Arbitramur, 1832:
We now come to another important cause of the evils which we regret to see the Church afflicted, namely indifferentism, or that wrong opinion according to which... man can attain the eternal salvation of his soul by any profession of faith, provided his moral conduct conforms to the norms of right and good... From this foulest source of indifferentism there flows the absurd and wrong view, OR RATHER INSANITY, according to which freedom of conscience must be asserted and vindicated for everybody. [Emphasis added]
When Fr. Bento de Sousa says, "As many [Protestant] Christians and non-Christians have a devotion to Mother Mary, it would be appropriate to give them some space to pray [in churches]", and when AVF says, "(Wojtyla) never called people of other faiths as kefirs and infidels because nobody gave him that power to judge others", it is obvious that the insanity that Pope Gregory had warned us against is pretty near full bloom!

[Can any honest man pretend that the Faith defended by Pope Gregory XVI and all the Popes from St. Peter to Pope Pius XII is the same as the "belief-system" propagated by Baal Wojtyla?]

St. Paul beheld the perfidy and perversity of the Jews, yet he yearned for them, above all others, that they may return to the truth, for they were his own flesh and blood, his own race. In like manner, despite the overwhelming perversity of Goans, foolishly lusting after the false New Religion of Baal Wojtyla, I yearn for them to turn back to the God of St. Francis Xavier, and therefore, offer this refutation in the hope of bringing the wayward and the reprobate back to their senses:
"Reprove not a scorner, lest he hate you; rebuke a wise man, and he will love you" —Proverbs 9-8
My purpose in writing this refutation is not to antagonize and divide the Goan patriots, but to uphold the truth.

Goans need to understand that we have been inflicted upon by anti-Catholics precisely because we allowed our spirituality to be corrupted by anti-Catholics — by those who hate the Holy Inquisition, the Dogmatic Adherence of the Church to Truth, by the Claims of Christ Jesus, by the Triumphalism of Truth, and who have inducted into us that same hatred, which is godlessness.

I am certain that AVF does not hate Christ, but that he loves Wojtyla, not so much for himself, but because he believes him to have been the legitimate representative of Christ.

Yet, the vast majority of those who so believe, have not applied their minds, but have been brainwashed by the same Protestant disease of emotionalism, the pathological condition described by Sir Arnold Lunn as "FIFism" (Funny-Inner-Feeling-ism) in his seminal work, Now I See It!.

It is necessary for us to return to the One True Faith, which is the faith imparted our ancestors by St. Francis Xavier and other missionaries of that time, between the Liberation of Goa in 1510, and the Spiritual and intellectual Desolation perpetrated by the Marquis of Pombal some two hundred years or so later.

This Catholic Faith is in sharp contradiction to the New Religion which Baal Wojtyla represents, which is a glorified paganism in flagrant contradiction of the Bible and the Biblical God.

We must overcome this "FIFism" to return to the True Catholic Faith, and thus to Catholic Unity.

I pray that Goans speedily overcome their toxification by Protestant-inspired emotionalism and return to Christianity, so that the Goan Resitance can actually commence with seriousness.

As God tells us in the Holy Bible:
"Thus says the Lord: 'Stand by the roads, and look, and ask for the ancient paths, where the good way is; and walk in it, and find rest for your souls'"—Jeremiah 6:16
For a holistic consideration of the status of Wojtyla, my article, "Rocket Science for the Soul" remains sufficient. However, these pages are also relevant:
  1. The "Ecumenist" & Branch Heresies
  2. Has Wojtyla's Church fallen away?
  3. A Refutation of Fr. Bento de Sousa

Christ Jesus tells us:
"If any man come to me, and hate not his father and mother and wife and children and brethren and sisters, yea and his own life also, he cannot be my disciple."—St. Luke 14:26
I say:
"Truth does not dialog with error; truth does not negotiate with error. Truth does not accept the right of error to be.

"Truth, when asked what four plus four is, does not close the doors and windows and ask you what you want it to be.

"Truth does not ask or accept her definition to be in accordance with the wishes of the greater number.

"Truth will not accept or acknowledge error as being an aspect of herself, an alternative manifestation.

"If you will make a fool of yourself and go down the broad smooth path to damnation, truth will not come begging you and importunate you, nor will she be willing to accommodate you by accepting that the road of error is an aspect of the road of truth, and that hell is an aspect of heaven.

"For those willing, Truth will lead up the hard, thorny road of sacrifice to heaven, to Christ Jesus."
As the founder-moderator of the GoanCenter, I have always stated with utmost clarity that the GoanCenter is an explicitly CATHOLIC and GOAN list, and that it therefore does not condone or turn a blind eye to either heresy and to treason, which are inseparably twinned evils.

I find it amazing that certain persons cannot find anything objectionable in the public acts of insult offered to Christ Jesus, my God, by such as Karol Wojtyla, yet believe themselves wronged when I attack those who blaspheme my God! It seems that their Baal Wojtyla is for them greater even than Christ! This is pure hypocrisy, and is totally unacceptable, yet completely understandable.

It is certainly understandable that self-certified "Communists" such as Marlon Meneses and Paulo Colaço e Dias, Materialists such as Dean Soares, agnostics, atheists, etc., should cling on to Baal Wojtyla. Completely understandable, for Baal Wojtyla is the seal and bond of their legitimacy — certifying the piety of their impieties, the morality of their immoralities, the holiness and wholesomeness of their fornications and hypocrisies. That is what Baal Wojtyla practiced himself, and what he guarantees all his cultees.

If any soul has an objection to my excoriation of Karol Jozef Wojtyla (the Antipope John Paul 2), he or she has the moral obligations to set out in details where I err in rejecting him as a fraudster, spiritual conman and factual Satanist.

He has to prove and demonstrate and certify that
  1. Wojtyla was lawfully elected Pope, i.e., by persons who had not themselves departed the true faith along with Roncalli and Montini and "Vatican II" before him;

  2. That he did not accept or communicate with the heresies of Roncalli, Montini and "Vatican II";

  3. That he rejected and anathematized the heresy of spiritual fornication a.k.a. "Ecumenism" a.k.a. Communicatio in Sacris — formally and irreversibly defined as a gross mortal sin, that he did not participate or assent in such acts of Communicatio in Sacris, and that when made aware of such doings, he exercised authority to end these evils and to punish their perpetrators;

  4. That he did not consciously cultivate condone or tolerate the Culture of Sensuality that has resulted in the epidemic of clerical pedophilia, adulteries and fornications under his watch, and that when brought to his attention, he took decisive measures to end these evils and to punish severely and condignly the perpetrators, such as Bernard Law.
And so on.

It is true enough that Wojtyla was a "Revolutionary". In this he carried on the tradition he received from Roncalli, the Baal of Crassness, and its initiator in 1958-1965 ("Aggiornamento" & "Vatican II"); indeed, even Baal Wojtyla played a critical role in its commencement during the "deliberations" of the Robber Council "Vatican II". This Revolution represents the induction of the Anti-Catholic, Jew-Noahide-Freemason Complex initiated "Revolution" in France in the late 18th century, into the Church; a program designed to destroy Christendom.

There have been few things as repulsive and as revolting as Baal Wojtyla's act of worship of the earth when visiting any country, falling down with a click, like a robot or locust — an act that is thoroughly barbarous and pagan and revolting and despicable to one with the true Sensus Fidei, and an act which is not capable of being endowed with any figleaf of Christian justification.

For Baal Wojtyla, of course, it was a cheap joke, a ploy designed to further befuddle those who wanted to be pandered to, a token of populism, but for me it was and remains utterly revolting.

It is interesting that the "Novus Ordo Mass" cut out genuflections but that Wojtyla relentlessly genuflected before the lands ("patria") of each country he happened to visit in this vile pagan ritual!

Is it true that Wojtyla threatened Moscow against sending troops to Poland? It is a gross falsehood without any historical supporting evidence — and AVF is the first to postulate this cute scenario.

There were already large contingents of Soviet troops stationed at numerous bases in Poland and other Warsaw Pact states, so that such a claim is utterly nonsensical.

On the contrary, the Communists succeeded in containing the situation in Poland, and it was only the economic collapse of the Soviet Union under Ronald Reagan's new policy of strict containment, that forced the Soviet Union to open up, and thereby collapse.

Until the rise of Ronald Reagan, the West, following its masters, the Occult Sanhedrin, Puppetmasters of Freemasonry, and therefore of both the Communist and Capitalist systems, deliberately underwrote and subsidized the Soviet Union, thus preventing it from failing due to natural causes. Reagan, himself a Freemason, implemented a new policy designed to cause the fall of the Soviet Union as a necessary next step in the Judaeo-Masonic program to ferment the world into a Global Revolution and thereby catalyze the coming of the Jewish World Empire under its Anti-Messias.

[It would seem that George Bush is following the same program, designed to foment the Global Revolution designed to usher in a One World Government, by his unnecessary diversion invading Iraq and thereby providing dumb dupes of the Noahides a focus for their anger, deliberately making himself a scapegoat. This is part of the old Jewish-Freemasonic strategy of creating false opposing factions to absorb the total attention of the world and to advance their program. It was successfully carried out twice already — the Napoleonic Wars and World Wars I & II]

There is today a campaign of lies to transfer the credit for the collapse of the Soviet Union to Wojtyla. This is a package of lies. On the contrary, Wojtyla was part of the Antichurch which made it its official policy to accommodate and protect the Soviet Union.

This policy was represented by the Pact of Metz, between the Antichurch and the Soviet Union, respectively, when Baal Roncalli guaranteed the Soviets against any condemnation by the Robber Council of "Vatican II"; it was faithfully represented in Poland by Baal Wojtyla, who cooperated and collaborated with the Communists, unlike Tomaseck or Mindsentzi, etc., and who, in turn, allowed him freedom of movement which they denied to these others who did not follow this policy.

During his "pontificate", Baal Wojtyla faithfully carried out the terms of the Pact of Metz, following the orders of the Occult Sanhedrn orchestrating the Jew-Noahide-Freemasonic Conspiracy.

Given these facts, the pretension that Baal Wojtyla was anti-Communist is untenable and laughable.

[Another proof of the lie of Wojtyla's mythic destruction of the Communist hold over Poland is the fact that, with the exception of a short period when Lech Walesa was president, shortly after the collapse of the Soviet Union and Warsaw Pact, the Polish Communists have been dominating Parliament and the Government of Poland for the greater part of the time since then! This is further proven by the fact that gross immorality reigns unchallenged over the Polish people — so that any assertion that the Poles have returned to Christ is patently false!]

It is interesting to speculate the reaction of the Soviet Union to the kind of threat, the words of which AVF puts into the mouth of Baal Wojtyla, stooge of the Jews and Freemasons, themselves puppet-masters of both Capitalism and Communism. It is very probable that they would have been killed by laughter at their stooge's joke!

What was the meaning and implications of Baal Wojtyla uttering a few words of "Konkkni" during his anti-Mass at Campal? Does it mean that this bastard language, a perversion of the Concannim language fostered by India and the Antichurch jointly, is the Goan tongue?

It is foolish to take the few words of a bastardized form of Concannim spoken by the Antipope to mean a justification of Concannim as the Goan language. What, if tomorrow the Dalai Lama visits Goa and speaks in Tibetan, does it mean that Tibetan is the natural language of Goa? If the Aga Khan or the Syedna visits Goa and speaks in Urdu or whichever barbarous language they speak, does it mean that that language is the natural language of Goa?

I do not understand why such an argument was made in the first place. Does AVF think of Baal Wojtyla as some kind of Canaanite Idol, that when carried into some place, will speak magically in the native language, thereby proving which language is the true native language, and which not? When Baal Wojtyla visited Bombay, a historic part of the Concan, did he speak Concannim there also, or did he speak in the Marathi tongue? If AVF is correct, he should have spoken in Concannim, yet I am certain that he did not. Wanna bet?

If Baal Wojtyla as a Caananite idol possessed the properties that AVF assigns him, he would have naturally spoken in Tulu, not Kannada, when in Mangalore, and in Magadhi, not Hindi, when in Patna, if he was carried into those cities.

What should we understand by Baal Wojtyla's statement that "this millennium will be the millennium of evangelization"?

It is a public fact that the Antichurch, of which Baal Wojtyla was the 4th Heresiarch, publicly teaches that there is no need for pagans and infidels to convert to Christianity, for according to the Antichurch, they will be saved in their present "religions", which the Antichurch alleges is as good and beneficial and as salvific as Christianity!

But AVF himself admits that when he states "He never called people of other faiths as kefirs and infidels because nobody gave him that power to judge others."

This is an interesting — and damning — though inadvertant confession. It is true enough that Baal Wojtyla did not receive the power to judge that belongs to the Pope, for the very simple reason that Christ did not make and accept him as His Vicar!

But let us examine AVF's statement more closely: "He never called people of other faiths as kefirs and infidels because nobody gave him that power to judge others."

If this is true, then the Bible is evil, for the Bible, the Word of God, is categorical in rejecting the Baals, the false gods, of the pagans, and categorical in demanding that all those who seek the friendship of God should also reject these false 'gods'.

One cannot be a Christian in any way if one rejects this basic doctrine.

If this is true, then Christ was evil, for He judged and He condemned. And indeed, so did all the Apostles, St. Paul included, who excommunicated the incestuous man, and who commands the Christian to excommunicate he who walks contumaciously in error, treating him as the 'heathen' [1 Cor 5:13 — "For those outside God will judge. Expel the wicked man from your midst."; Tit 3:10-11, "A factious man avoid after a first and second admonition, knowing that such a one is perverted and sins, being self-condemned", etc.].

But if one accepts this lie, this vile falsehood, then one must reject the Bible and its God, and the name of Christian. Indeed, by this statement, AVF participates himself in making a mockery of God, of Christ, spitting along with his Baal Wojtyla on Christ, the Word of God!

But it is precisely that people like AVF and millions of other apostates, once Catholics, of the Antichurch, the Fake Catholic Church, and their Baals Roncalli, Montini, Luciani and Wojtyla, do not have either the courage or the courtesy to fly under their own, true colors, but pretend to be Christians, even as they reject the Christian God!

This is the height of perversity and of vileness, and exceeds all perversities and villainies that have gone before them!

I now provide a few extracts from out of very many from the Bible that throws light on this discussion (my comments are in blue):
Prophet or dreamer may arise, of thy own race, and foretell some signal event which aferwards comes about; even so he must not persuade thee to follow the worship of alien gods, untried till now. Do not listen to such words from prophet or dreamer; it means that the Lord thy God is putting thee to the proof, to see whether he has the love of thy whole heart and thy whole soul or not. Follow and fear the Lord your God, obey no commands, listen to no vioce but his; serve him and be true to him. The punishment of such a prophet or dreamer shall be death; he has counselled rebellion against the Lord God, who delivered your race from its slavery in Egypt; he would tempt thee away from the path the Lord thy God has marked out for thee; rid thy company of such plague as this. Suffer none to whisper that counsel in thy ears, brother nor son nor daughter, nor the wife thou dost cherish in thy bosom, nor the friend thou lovest as thy own self. Whoever bids thee follow the worship of alien gods, unknown to thee and to thy fathers, gods of any other nation in the wide world, near or far, do not consent, do not listen. Have no glance of pity for them, throw no merciful cloak over their guilt; put them to death without parley. The hand of every Israelite must be lifted against them, but thine first of all. One who would so tempt thee away from the worship of the Lord thy God, that rescued thee from slavery in Egypt, must die by stoning; so that all Israel may be apprised of it, and take warning, and nore dare to do the like thenceforward. (Deut 13).

If any of the cities which the Lord, your God, gives you to dwell in, you hear it said that certain scoundrels have sprung up among you and have led astray the inhabitants of their city to serve other gods whom you have not known, you must inquire carefully into the matter and investigate it thoroughly. If you find that it is true and an established fact that this abomination has been committed in your midst, you shall put the inhabitants of that city to the sword, dooming the city and all life that is in it, even its cattle to the sword. (Deut 13:13-16).

It may be that, in one of the cities the Lord thy God gives thee, men and women of thy race will be found so defiant, so false to his covenant, that they will forsake him, and enslave themselves to the worship of other gods, the sun and the moon and all the host of heaven, in contempt of my commandment. If this news is brought to thee, make careful enquiry into what thou hast heard; and if it proves that the report was true, and the foul deed was done among thy fellow-Israelites, away with such recreant men or women to the city gate; there let them be killed by stoning. (Deut 17: 2-5).

John 14 —6Jesus saith to him: I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No man cometh to the Father, but by me.
Our Lord is telling us that He alone is the Way, the Truth and the Life, and the ONLY means of access to God the Father.
John 10: —1Amen, amen, I say to you: He that entereth not by the door into the sheepfold but climbeth up another way, the same is a thief and a robber. 2But he that entereth in by the door is the shepherd of the sheep. 7Amen, amen, I say to you, I am the door of the sheep. 8All others, as many as have come, are thieves and robbers: and the sheep heard them not. 9I am the door. By me, if any man enter in, he shall be saved: and he shall go in and go out, and shall find pastures. 10The thief cometh not, but for to steal and to kill and to destroy. I am come that they may have life and may have it more abundantly. 11I am the good shepherd. The good shepherd giveth his life for his sheep.
I have added the emphases. It is clear that all the founders of the false religions, the rivals of Christ Jesus for the office of Savior and Redeemer and or of Liberator from Sin, Ignorance and the Difficulties of this life, as many as have come, are, as He says, thieves and robbers.

2 Cor. 6 — 14Bear not the yoke with unbelievers. For what participation hath justice with injustice? Or what fellowship hath light with darkness? 15And what concord hath Christ with Belial? Or what part hath the faithful with the unbeliever? 16And what agreement hath the temple of God with idols? For you are the temple of the living God: as God saith: I will dwell in them and walk among them. And I will be their God: and they shall be my people. 17Wherefore: Go out from among them and be ye separate, saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing: 18And I will receive you. And will be a Father to you: and you shall be my sons and daughters, saith the Lord Almighty.
Two thousand years before the coming of the vile pervert, Baal Wojtyla, in this not isolated text, God already provided the Christian with the antidote to his poison of spiritual fornication — the heresy of "Ecumenism"! Indeed, what part has the Catholic with the Antichurch, and what fellowship has the Catholic faith with Baal Wojtyla?
I have consistently challenged the honesty, integrity and courage of the founding fathers of the Antichurch, and their apologists, and I must repeat once again my challenge.

If you have the courage of your convictions, why do you masquerade as what you are not, hijacking like parasites the outer form and name of the Catholic Church in order to promote your beliefs which are utterly contrary to her's? But if you have courage and are honest, why do you not go forth and set up your own religion, leaving the Catholic Church, its buildings, the Vatican and the Papacy to us Catholics, however few in number we may be, and go out and set up your own institutions?

But of course, you are cowards, men without courage — or the ability to create your own institutions; you are only parasites who can destroy, not create!

Of course, there is further hypocrisy: Wojtyla, according to his accomplices, did not "have authority" to "judge others" who were public heretics and pagans, but he had authority to judge and condemn those who refused to go along with him into his spiritual fornication, men such as Lefebvre and Peter Martin Ngo-Dinh-Thuc, etc., men who refused to accept the protestantized, bastardized "New Mass"!

He could not judge and punish practitioners of his favorite holy virtue of pedophilia, but he could excommunicate men who refused his prostituted perversion of Catholicism!

No "authority to judge" indeed!

Did Baal Wojtyla hate sexual immorality, such as the infidelity of men towards their wives? Impossible. Baal Wojtyla deliberately removed the canon law provisions that excluded priests who were once discovered committing fornication or adultery from the priesthood, and he deliberately and consciously protected those who fornicated and committed adulteries, men such as Bernard Law, whom he publicly promoted and sheltered.

Again, it is Catholic doctrine that there is no legitimate divorce. However, the Church, after examining carefully the claims of parties, can find that a marriage never occured, thus giving a ruling of Annulment, which is not the same as divorce. However, the Antichurch has made the annulment process into a joke, and people are given annulments like sweets, merely on asking for it! The net result of this is exactly that what AVF claims that Baal Wojtyla did not want: Concubinages and adulterous "unions", where men and women legitimately married to others, from whom they have separated on the basis of the spurious, conterfeit "annulments" of the Antichurch, live together as "husband" and "wife"! The prohibition against divorce has been mocked and circumvented!

Opposed to concubinage, indeed!

The Catholic popes were very strict about the kind of dress people could wear when admitted into their presence. Baal Wojtyla, on the contrary, rejected those rules and permitted scantily dressed women and men into his presence, even in church, as is proven by the photographs taken by his own official photographer, Arturo Mari, and posted on the website of the hijacked Vatican, which pictures have been publicized by the website "Tradition in Action", and which I have collated into a single page, "Voltiva's Pornographies".

This claim, then, of Baal Wojtyla's opposition to immodesty and immorality, is a brazen and outright, shameless lie.

Indeed, while checking out this page, containing a very small number of pictures demonstrating the fornications of Baal Wojtyla, one should read this quote for context:

Scandalous Behavior Among Priests Must Be Corrected — John-Paul 2

Navhind Times, Pangim edition, December 17 2003. Reuters, Vatican City, Dec. 16: Pope John Paul II has said that scandalous behavior among Catholic priests must be "confronted and corrected" and stressed the need for celibacy.

"(Priests) are called to be detached from material things and to devote themselves to the service of others through the complete gift of self in celibacy," the 83-year-old Pope said yesterday.

"Scandalous behavior must at all times be investigated, confronted and corrected," he told an audience with visiting Sudanese bishops in an apparent reference to recent sex scandals that have shaken the church.

Is there an iota of doubt remaining about the brazen hypocrisy of Baal Wojtyla?

The Holy Bible warns us:
"Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep's clothing, but underneath are ravenous wolves."—Matthew 7:15.
I end with this text from the Word of God:
1Know also this, that in the last days shall come dangerous times. 2Men shall be lovers of themselves, covetous, haughty, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, ungrateful, wicked, 3Without affection, without peace, slanderers, incontinent, unmerciful, without kindness, 4Traitors, stubborn, puffed up, and lovers of pleasure more than of God: 5Having an appearance indeed of godliness but denying the power thereof. Now these avoid. 6For of these sort are they who creep into houses and lead captive silly women laden with sins, who are led away with divers desires: 7Ever learning, and never attaining to the knowledge of the truth. —2 Tim. 3 (Douai-Rheims)

How can one say "RIP" to Baal Wojtyla — the Antipope John-Paul 2? There is neither rest nor peace in hell!
To: [email protected]
From: "A. Veronica Fernandes" <[email protected]>
Date: Sat, 09 Apr 2005 17:37:48 +0000
Subject: Revolutionary Pope.

Finally, as expected, the Papacy of Pope John Paul II came to an end and in his death a gigantic and Himalayan personality of this planet bade adieu to all of us. His Papacy was linked with revolutionary ideas and challenging decisions of course for the good of the society as a whole and in particular of the weaker segments of humanity irrespective of their faith.

Soviet Russia a mighty atomic super power had one dirty habit of interfering militarily in the internal affairs of other sovereign countries. They did this in Hungary & Afghanistan. Similarly, Breznhev had an ambition to send troops to Poland too and lord over it militarily. The moment this news leaked to Vatican, Pope John Paul II issued a stern verbal warning to Soviet Russia saying "if a single soldier of yours steps his foot on to my native land Poland, I will leave Vatican and go to my native land and defend it with all my might." This verbal warning was just enough for the mighty super power Soviet Russia to condescend and eat a humble pie.

Pope did not have atomic and hydrogen weapons but his moral authority and influence all over the world was enough to silence the atomic and hydrogen might of Soviet Russia. Vatican is not a super power compared to Soviet Russia but in reality it proved to be the real super power and currently it is much powerful than the existing super power. This is the power of Papacy and Vatican.

During his first visit to India, he came to my native place Goa when Konkani language agitation was going on. Overwhelming agitationists were Catholics — Christians and overwhelming majority of Hindus were against this agitation, which was nothing but a just agitation for the just cause. In order to show his solidarity with the agitationists for their just cause and also to identify himself with the locals by speaking the local language which is Konkani and not Marathi as it was wrongly disclosed by the Marathi protagonists, the Pope by learning a few words in Konkani started the Holy Mass at Campal Ground in Konkani and gave a big booster for the Konkani language. This act of Pope was a big challenge to Marathivadis in Goa. By this act the Pope proved to everyone that it is nothing but only and ONLY Konkani is the real language of real Goans though adopted Goans were clamouring for imposing Marathi on Goa.

During his second visit to India, the BJP and its followers tried their best to defame Papacy and Catholicism in particular and Christianity in general but here again the Pope challenged them all and in Delhi he made an open statement saying that "this millennium will be the millennium of evangelization."

As a matter of fact Christianity is the only solution for the down trodden of India to gain access to human dignity which is destroyed beyond reparation by the religiously backed caste system. For this reason the great Indian patriot Ambedkar revolted against Hinduism and along with him innumerable followers of his low caste embraced Buddhism. He would have embraced Christianity but he failed to recognize the true meaning of Christianity because he analysed only one side of Christianity, which was wrongly projected by the fake Christians.

Pope Paul while championing the cause of Christian doctrine also championed in true spirit of Christ’s teachings the causes of poor people all around the world, suppressed labour force and many more causes. He spoke against abortion because he gave highest priority for the human life. He desliked concubinage committed by married men against the marriage vow thereby cheating their legally wedded wives. Infidelity is the curse a married couple can face.

His interaction with people and leaders of other faiths was a great achievement of his Papacy. His earlier predecessor Pope Paul VI when he came to India for Eucharistic Congress in Bombay also played the same type of role when he had a meeting with leaders of different religions. By interacting with other faiths and entering into the places of their worships he showed genuine brotherhood.

He never called people of other faiths as “kefirs” and infidels because nobody gave him that power to judge others. His power of forgiveness was immense as it was noticed in his meeting with the person who tried to kill him. So also his great heartedness of owning faults of the excesses the Church had committed earlier as it was shown by his apologies.

His love for this tiny country Kuwait was magnificent and it was during his Papacy that the diplomatic relations between Vatican and Kuwait got a booster. When Saddam Hussain’s Iraq invaded Kuwait, he was grieved a lot and openly declared his opposition to this invasion. When under the leadership of USA the war for the liberation of Kuwait started he gave his nod because he knew that justice for Kuwait would come only thru that war of liberation for Kuwait. Ironically, some of the very people and leaders who used to treat Kuwaitis as their brothers in race, religion, history and tradition opposed this war of liberation of Kuwait.

Incidentally, the Sunni Muslim Arab country Kuwait invaded by Sunni Muslim Arab Saddam Hussein and his gang was finally liberated by the non-Arab, non-Muslim Christian West.

However, the same Pope when the USA waged a war against the destruction of Saddam and the liberation of Iraqi people, he opposed it.

This shows the high ideals of the Pope. Though he did not like the priests to participate actively in the political affairs in their countries yet he himself played a stellar role in political affairs of the world.

When Ferdinand Marcus acted stubborn in Philippines and Cardinal Sin in Manila decided to uproot Marcus from the presidency, Pope Kohn Paul II gave Cardinal Sin go ahead signal.

A man of diverse attributes will be no more on this planet to play an important role in world affairs. He applied his leadership not only for the cause of Catholics and Christians but also for the cause of entire humanity. His voice had great impact all over the world. That his voice had such a powerful impact and influence was seen in the flood of countless people visiting Vatican to pay their last respect for the departed soul. These countless visitors among whom were Kings and Queens, Presidents and Premiers and other heads of the States came uninvited on their own freewill to show their respect, love, affection and obedience to the departed soul of the Holy Father.

The publicity that his death and funeral received all around the world itself is a testimony of the importance and greatness of this great Pope. That the leader of my faith had such a powerful influence has brought tears into my eyes, of course out of joy for having such an important leader. Without his help communism would never collapse, it was he who was partly responsible for the demolition of communism in Russia and Eastern Europe as he found in this system nothing but dictatorship and bondage of human attributes.

The task for his successor to fit into his mould will be very difficult and precisely because of this boulder the selection of the new Pope will be very difficult. The new Pope will not only have to be a holy man to lead his Catholic followers but he has to be a man of World affairs too. He will have to be a great statesman also and he should be capable of having qualities of wielding influence all around the world.

Besides, the new Pope must have the attributes of identifying himself with lowliest and humblest.

Will we ever get such a Pope again?

I doubt because such a person comes to this planet once in centuries. May his soul rest in peace.

A. Veronica Fernandes,

©Lúcio Mascarenhas. April 16, 2005.
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