Rocket Science For The Soul

©Lúcio Mascarenhas. April 5, 2005.
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"That sound you hear is me banging my head against a brick wall"—Lúcio.

Sunday evening, my sister came home from a visit to a neighboring city, where she had stayed overnight. I asked her, "Do you know that John-Paul 2 has died?". So she got on the phone to my other sister and says, "Lúcio tells me that the Pope has died. Is that true?"

I blew up. "I did not say, 'The Pope has died', I said, 'John-Paul 2 has died.' Last I knew, the Pope was hale and hearty, and I do not expect him to die for some decades yet. You know that I do not accept John-Paul 2 as Pope. Do not put words in my mouth that I never uttered, I do not like it a bit."

But I was still fuming. So after walking around agitatedly, I told her, "I will tell you once again what I have been saying over the years, and I hope that I never have to tell it to you ever again." This article is the substance of what I told her. Of course, I have elaborated on it a lot in this article.

2 + 2 = 4?

Life is full of frustrations. I spend half my life educating people:
"A is for Apple, B for Ball, C for Cat, D for Dog", etc.,
and when I am finished, they go back to
"A for Camel, B for Cat, D for Elephant, E for Zebra, John-Paul II was Pope and a holy man, and Christ was an ignorant fool"!
That's why I am banging my head against a brick wall.

All this is weary, dreary, fruitless work, like pouring water off a duck's back. I am beginning to think that, in the face of the Universal Cancer of Stupidity, it may be better to throw in the towel and suffer idiots in silence....

I don't think that my latest offering is going to change anything, but here goes.

One does not require to know Rocket Science in order to be able to have and use common sense; but in this age, common sense is considered as a dread contagious disease, and those "infected" by it are left severely alone.

So, since common sense won't get me where I need to go, I will try Rocket Science. Rocket Science for the Soul, to be precise.

Let us start with basics. God revealed Himself and His message to mankind through various prophets of Israel down the ages, revealing the coming of his incarnate son, the anointed one, who would die for the sins of man, be resurrected, ascend to heaven and return in the last days; the anointed one is God; he would be born of a virgin of the lineage of King David, at a certain prescribed time (see the prophet Daniel). In fulfillment of those prophecies, Jesus, the son of Mary, and the foster-son of Joseph, spouse of Mary, was born, lived among men, preached his Holy Gospel, died, was resurrected and has ascended to heaven. But before that, He established His Church, setting up Peter and his successors to rule over it in His stead, and under His guidance, till the end of time.

Now it is basic to message of God, both that revealed before the coming of the Anointed, and after, that there is only one true God, whom the Bible identifies as Jehovah (Yahweh) or Elohim, and that all the others who claim to be 'god' or for whom it is claimed that they are 'god' are false gods, and their worship strictly forbidden to those who wish to continue in the friendship of God.

This is encapsulated in the First Commandment.

Therefore, it is logical, that if we Christians are forbidden to worship the Baals, Chemosh, Moloch, Dagun, Astarte, and any other of the 'deities' of the pagan nations that surrounded historic Israel, we may not either worship or accept as in any manner legitimate the 'deities' of the pagans worldwide today — such as Rama, Krishna, Buddha, Allah, Sai Baba, etc.

Jesus Himself reiterates this same message of exclusivity, and after Him, St. Peter repeats the same when challenged by the Jewish Sanhedrin for preaching the Gospel.

Both before and after the coming of Jesus the Anointed One, friends of God have had to endure persecution and were even murdered, because they refused to worship the false gods. St. Daniel the Prophet underwent one such persecution, while the two books of Maccabees relate several such incidents. Most of the saints and martyrs of the Messianic Dispensation, such as all the apostles, including St. Peter, St. Paul and St. Thomas, with the sole exception of St. John the Beloved, who survived an attempt at murder, were likewise murdered for refusing to worship the false gods of the pagans; other prominent saints are St. Lawrence, St. Sebastian, St. Mauritius, St. Cecilia, St. Agnes, St. Catherine of Alexandria, St. Philomena, etc. Most of the Catholic Churches or what were Catholic Churches until October 1958, are named after these martyrs and saints.

Therefore, it should be obvious that no true Christian can accept the pretensions that all religions are true, that one may legitimately worship Baal, Chemosh, Moloch, Astarte, Dagun, etc., or that these 'deities' are but manifestations of the same true God (Yahweh/Jehovah or Elohim) or that "the Holy Spirit has not neglected to use these religions as means of salvation", to quote from "Vatican II", etc., etc.

And therefore, if anyone pretends these things, he is not a Christian, but a Satanist.

So much, I hope, should be obvious.

Now it is further obvious, that a public and notorious Satanist CANNOT validly be elected Pope, and even if APPARENTLY elected, CANNOT in fact attain to the Papacy, external appearances to the contrary notwithstanding.

A Satanist cannot become pope, period. That is non-negotiable.

Now, it is public knowledge that the men who are known as "Pope John XXIII", "Pope Paul VI", "Pope John-Paul I" and "Pope John-Paul II" precisely taught that all religions — Protestantisms, Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism, Jainism, Shintoism, Vodunism, etc. — are all legitimate means of salvation, and have joined their votaries in joint worship sessions where the demons of the pagans, consistently denounced as false gods by God in the Bible, have been worshipped, ostensibly together with the worship of the true God.

Such acts are the height of blasphemy, and demonstrate that these "popes" are in fact nothing but Satanists, absolutely incapable of being popes in reality.

Yet, despite these public facts, great numbers insist on applying the name and title of "Pope" to these vile, vicious, evil men.

In doing so, they both blaspheme God and make themselves coparceners in crime, fellow-robbers of the True Church, and receivers of stolen goods.

Christ Jesus did not make, cannot make and will not make a public and notorious heretic — nay, even an apostate — Pope. To claim that Christ can, and did, is to assert that Christ can do evil and has done evil.

To assert that "John-Paul II" was Pope is to SPIT in the face of Christ Jesus.

The claim that "John-Paul II" was legitimate Pope is also absurd and contrary to logic. The entire "Gospel" of "John-Paul II" consists in denying that Christ is exclusively God — negating the exclusivism reiterated insistently by the Bible, which message is the soul of Christianity. Therefore: 'Mother Teresa' worshipping an idol of the Buddha
A Pope is merely lieutenant of Christ, made and sustained by Christ.
Therefore, to be legitimate Pope, the Claims of Christ must be affirmed as True.
But "John-Paul II" factually denies the Claims of Christ.
Therefore, since Christ is false (according to "John-Paul II"),
There cannot really be any such thing as a Pope!
Therefore, logically, "John-Paul II" cannot really be Pope!
But true Catholics truly believe in the claims of Christ, in contrast to the denial of Christ's claims by the Fake Catholic Church... and its fake "popes"!

Not since Arius, Mu'Ahmad the Quraishite and Martin Luther, has any man caused so many souls to be damned to hell. More than even all these former examples, it is the Four Balaams, Roncalli ("John XXIII-II"), Montini ("Paul VI") and Wojtyla ("John-Paul II") who have flooded hell with souls!

The Cultees of Balaam IV Abominationeshwara are attempting — not too subtly — to bestow upon this vile monster the appelation of "The Great". "Great" like in Rasputin, the Greatest Fornicator before Wojtyla dawned on the scene? But I agree that it is apt to bestow this appelation of "Great" on this monster, for he is truly the GREAT DEVASTATOR, or to use a favorite phrase of one of my favorite saints, John Bosco, "Murderer of Souls"! For this monster Wojtyla has truly achieved great spiritual devastation — even a near Universal Spiritual Genocide! He is truly "The Great"!

The Fake Catholic Church falls down and worships its Baal, Wojtyla: "Beelzebub is dead! Long live Beelzebub!"

An Anatomy of Fraud and Cowardice

If I were to preach that Martin Luther King believed that the Black Race is truly inferior and ought to submit to the White Race and acknowledge them as their masters, his followers would rightly say that I am a liar and a falsifier, that I am peddling a false, fabricated Martin Luther King.

If I were to preach that Mohandas Caramchand Gandhi believed in violence, or that there is nothing wrong in eating beef, or that Hinduism is a despicable, inferior religion, his followers would rightly say that I am a liar and a falsifier, that I am peddling a false, fabricated Gandhi.

Yet, is it not that Gandhi himself peddled a false fabricated Christ? Did not Gandhi seek to mislead people into believing that Christ's message consisted solely in the Sermon on the Mount, and nothing else, negated Christ's claim to be God and the only begotten Son of God, and pretended that all men are sons of God, yet pretended also to be a practicing "Christian" in fact if not in name, when he appealed to missionaries to abandon proselytization?

Therefore, did not Gandhi thereby demonstrate himself a liar and a fraudster, a conman peddling a spurious, contrived Christ which had no relation to the true Christ?

And is this not cowardice, when a man has not the courage to say forthrightedly and upfront that he contemned Jesus Christ, but who sought to cowardly pretend to be a Christian in fact, only in order to deceive and to subvert and pervert those who esteem Christ?

But we are not concerned here with Gandhi, villain enough though he was, but with Karol Wojtyla, aka "Pope John Paul II".

Is it not a fact that Wojtyla did not believe in the true, historical Christ, but that he peddled a false, contrived Christ, one who, in opposition to the First Commandment, and the reiterated message of the exclusivism of the God of the Bible, has no real opposition to the false gods of the pagans?

Like Gandhi before him, and like Roncalli ("John XXIII") and Montini ("Paul VI") before him, who were his direct gurus, Wojtyla was a coward and a thief, a man without courage to go out and establish his own religion, but who made his career in stealing another man's religion, in order to make it over to his own new belief.

Jesus... A Bastard?

Yesterday, when I arrived home from work, I found the latest, April edition of the Don Bosco's Madonna waiting for me. My father had once subsidized the Non-Salesians in the making of one of their Unpriests, and as a result, although my father has long departed this world, I continue to be afflicted by this journalistic rag....

On pages 10 & 11, appears the article Walking With The Church, by "Father" Peter Stravinskas of UnCatholic Answers, Indiana, USA. Here is Question No. 4, and Mr. Stravinskas' answer:
Question: A friend of mine insists that Our Lady was an "unwed mother." I disputed this but need to know more about the Jewish marriage rites of the period. (K.R.).

Answer: When people use that expression for the Blessed Mother, they are generally attempting to highlight the trying circumstances surrounding the conception and birth of Jesus and the fact that St. Joseph, to whom Mary was wed, was not the father of the Christ Child.

While it places our Lady in solidarity with unwed mothers today who need an example of protecting unborn human life, even in the midst of difficulties and embarrassment, to the extent that the image is inaccurate, it does not really help over the long haul.

Far better, it seems to me, to make the correct point: namely, that in today's culture Mary would have been an apt candidate for abortion, but faith and respect for human life did not present these viable options for her, just as they should not for anyone who follows her Son today.

By seeking her intercession and attending to her example, girls and women can imitate her faithful love.
I asked my sister to read this and to tell me what she thought of it, then I explained to her what it meant...

Women have abortions for largely three reasons:
  1. They are unwed mothers, and do not want either the stigma or the burden of the child;

  2. They already have large families and do not want more children;

  3. They do not want children at all, for purely materialistic reasons, as children demand their time, and interrupt their pleasures and orgies.
It is a fact that, according to Jewish customs of the time, betrothal was considered as equivalent to marriage. Therefore, Mother Mary was NOT an "unwed mother". Given that, I cannot see how Mother Mary "would have been an apt candidate for abortion" — an abortion premised on her being an "unwed mother." Certainly, Mother Mary could not have been a "candidate for abortion" on the other two grounds that I have set out.

But what is worse is that, by refusing to answer by giving the direct and reasonable answer expressly sought — "Jewish marriage rites of the period" — Mr. Stravinskas actually leads the reader to the conclusion that Mother Mary was, in fact, an unwed mother when she conceived Jesus.

It is necessary to consider the implications of this very carefully. If Mary was an unwed mother, it was not a holy act, and it could not be attributed to the action of God, but must be the result of adultery or fornication. Therefore, Jesus could not be God, or even holy in any sense, but was merely a bastard born of adultery or fornication. And, therefore, Mary cannot be the Spiritual Mother of all the Faithful, so that the term "Mother Mary" becomes inapt.

But there is more than just this. Mr. Stravinskas refuses to admonish people to abstain from pre-marital sex, or to avoid extra-marital sex, but instead he attempts to prostitute the Holy Mother of God by making her the Patron Saint of "Unwed Mothers"!

Here is what the Catholic Encyclopedia, 1914, has to say on the subject:
Jewish maidens were considered marriageable at the age of twelve years and six months, though the actual age of the bride varied with circumstances. The marriage was preceded by the betrothal, after which the bride legally belonged to the bridegroom, though she did not live with him till about a year later, when the marriage used to be celebrated.

After her return from Elizabeth, Mary "was found with child, of the Holy Ghost" (Matthew 1:18). As among the Jews, betrothal was a real marriage, the use of marriage after the time of espousals presented nothing unusual among them. Hence Mary's pregnancy could not astonish anyone except St. Joseph. As he did not know the mystery of the Incarnation, the situation must have been extremely painful both to him and to Mary.

The Evangelist says: "Whereupon Joseph her husband being a just man, and not willing publicly to expose her, was minded to put her away privately" (Matthew 1:19). Mary left the solution of the difficulty to God, and God informed the perplexed spouse in His own time of the true condition of Mary.

While Joseph "thought on these things, behold the angel of the Lord appeared to him in his sleep, saying: Joseph, son of David, fear not to take unto thee Mary thy wife, for that which is conceived in her is of the Holy Ghost. And she shall bring forth a son, and thou shalt call his name Jesus. For He shall save His people from their sins" (Matthew 1:20-21).

Not long after this revelation, Joseph concluded the ritual marriage contract with Mary. The Gospel simply says: "Joseph rising up from sleep did as the angel of the Lord had commanded him, and took unto him his wife" (Matthew 1:24).
[Emphases added.]
Note that the accounts mention Mary as being Joseph's wife already, merely on the strength of their betrothal, and even before their formal marriage.

If it had been true that Jesus was conceived out of wedlock, we would not have heard the end of it, and Christianity would have been stillborn!

Beelzebub Rising...

The 4th. beast is dead. Plans are afoot to raise up the 5th. beast, to continue the tradition of blasphemies and sacrileges that is the Antichurch, the Fake Catholic Church in the hijacked Vatican.

Why waste time in all this shenanigans? Would it not be easier and simpler to confer the succession on the Dalai Lama? In one stroke, you will have accomplished all that Roncalli, Montini, Luciani and Wojtyla have always desired!

Many of the more radical of the Modernist heretics have been disappointed in Wojtyla, who refused to agree to rapid reforms, and have accused him of betraying and even reversing the reforms. But as a matter of fact, Montini and Wojtyla have chosen to pursue the Great Apostasy carefully and with prudence, choosing slow, gradual steps to outright revolution. Yet, gradualism was only a means to an end, not an end in itself, and Wojtyla has led his dupes and accomplices far along the path of evil, thus paving the way for a successful radical revolution in the term of his successor.

Therefore, during the term of the 5th. beast, one can expect great and giddy happenings. I speculate here, but I am pretty certain that these things will come to be:
  1. Beast No. 5 will fulfil the long reiterated demand of radicals for a 2nd. Pandemonium ("Vatican III"), to put the 'Reform' on turbodrive.

  2. Unlike the comparatively small representation of other religions at "Vatican II", at "Vatican III" other religions will take an active and equal part in the effort at forging a modern, progressive One World Religion... Pandemonium II will be more of a World Parliament of Religions than merely an intra-ecclesial summit.

  3. In Pandemonium II, Beast No. 5 will make celibacy optional, permit ordination of womyn, accept emancipation of sodomites and accord them equal rights, including that of "marriage" in church, and lots more.
The net result will be that man will have progressed further and closer to the Kingdom of the Antichrist and to the Jewish One World Government and Empire!

In fact, we are now entering a most dangerous time. The International Conspiracy behind Freemasonry that wrought the Counterculture, has activated it in recent years on the pretext of opposing George Bush, largely a mindless hysteria. Complementary to this hysteria is an effort to push the hordes of idiots to terrorize and intimidate the world into a One World Government. Pandemonium II, with its complementary effort at forging the One World Religion, will only add to this.

Lúcio Mascarenhas
©Lúcio Mascarenhas. April 5, 2005.
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