Hindutva Dreams of a Poodle Church

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The Hindutva forces are hell-bent on provoking Christians in India and in forcing by hook or crook the severance of Indian Christianity from the world community and its subordination to Hinduism as a domesticated poodle-Church.

In doing so, it has the support of many of the apostate 'theologians' of the New Church, persons such as Samuel Rayan, whose heresies have already been discussed by me. (Samuel Rayan's The Kingdom Of God: Blueprint For A New Society?)

Thus, the Hindutva publication, the Organiser, features statements, reproduced below, by some of these heretics in support of its 'poodle-church' project:

Samuel Rayan, Indian Currents: "A rite means the experience of the common faith expressed in a local culture of a believing people. The Latin rite is relevant only in a place where there is Latin culture. If that rite is exported to another place, it becomes inauthentic. The common faith of all of us should be expressed in local cultures. Only then can we have authentic, genuine rites. So there cannot be a Latin rite in Kerala, Madhya Pradesh or in Uttar Pradesh. There should be one Indian rite or many Indian rites. Rome imposed Latin rite wherever it went because Rome was interested in uniformity—an imposition devoid of all pastoral concerns..." On appointment of bishops by the Vatican, he says "...An outside power is imposing something on another community without consultation. It smacks of colonial, padroado methods." Sr Evelyn Monteiro, Vidya Jyoti, June, 2000: "There is a search for an Indian theology - one Indian rite, one Indian Church, but also there is a felt need for indigenous theologies and churches of dalits, tribals and other grassroots groups. All this is a challenge for the church in India. The challenge stems from the reality of India's heritage of diversity and even disparity. The bewildering diversity of peoples, languages, cultures and religions alongside the scandalous disparity in caste, class and gender call for an innovative and revolutionary transformation of the ‘made-in-foreign’ image of the church in India." Julian S. Das, Indian Currents, September 24, 2000: "Can catholicism that adorns the Roman-European attire be the universal symbol of unity? Am I a Roman Christian or an Indian Christian? Why should my Indian coat be removed and be forced to put on an uncomfortable Roman guise? I would prefer my Indian coat, however simple and ordinary it might look." Fr. Bento Rodrigues: "Yes, Christianity is a global movement, to spread the message of love and propagate what Jesus has preached. This does not mean that Christians in India should act to the whims and fancies of the foreign powers. By no means Indian culture and traditions are inferior to any other culture for that matter. If Korean church can follow their own customs and traditions what is wrong in Indians following them." When asked does India need foreign missionaries Fr. Bento Rodrigues said: "Why should we need foreign missionaries? When we are sending Indian missionaries to other countries, we don't have to depend on them (foreign missionaries)." See also here, for the Hindu Vikas Kendra's defence of the 'poodle-church' project

In the above HVK article, S. Gurumurthy, 'economicist-ideologue' of Hindutva, while defending the 'poodle-church' project, states that "The Reformation which began in 1517 set off a serious erosion in the authority of the Pope, who was originally only the Bishop of Rome. The transnational papacy was a later evolution."

We do not appreciate the gratuitous meddling of S. Gurumurthy, or any other pagan for that matter, weighing in on and interpreting issues of Christian theology.

We Christians will thank Gurumurthy if he will mind his own business and not meddle in subjects in which he exhibits crass ignorance and on which he cam only cast darkness. "The transnational papacy was a later evolution"? Please spare us this hogwash! We can understand Protestant heretics pretending that they cannot understand what our Lord meant when He spoke plainly of the Petrine Office, in Matt. 16:18, but we are neither dunces nor blind.

In the Hindutva plans, there is always use for a Judas. When the infamous Niyogi Commission was cobbled together to fabricate evidence against Christianity in order to justify Hindu Revanchism, terrorism and hysteria against Christ and Christianity, one such convenient Judas was a Keralite, S. K. George. Today, another Keralite, John Joseph, plays the part with gusto and enthusiasm. In order to put him in a position of usefulness, the Hindu government has elevated this joker to the 'National Minorities Commission' - a body created to protect the minorities from majority domination, etc., and which now ably acts to aid, abet, justify and whitewash the atrocities of the majority upon the minorities.

As a Commissioner of the 'National Minorities Commission', Mr. John Judas works overtime to subvert the various sects in India and get them to sup with the devil, to tow their line.

Mr. John Judas has successfully organized meetings between Sudarshan and the New Church, the Anglicans, the National Council of Churches of India, the Dinakarans, pere et fils, etc. (See here for newsreport in the largest Indian secularist newspaper, the Hindu)

It seems that the Hindu Revanchists have a pre-occupation with the Vatican and wish to, above all, sever its connection with its followers in India. Thus, it would seem that it is Catholicism that is their main target.

But be that as it may, it remains a fact that the longterm plan is not restricted only to Catholicism, but to all 'Christians'. And, more importantly, that these plans seek not only the severance from the world community, but also its effemination, with the poodle-church not making any conversions or attempts at conversions. And, while the Hindu Revanchists pretend that they seek merely that Christians accept them as an equally valid religion, they also seek the acceptance of the Hindu ideology of Hindu superiority, that Hinduism is the best religion, not only in India, but on a world-wide scale.

After all, do not they believe that 'true glory of God has been known only in India'? This is the core of their belief, their motor force.

The various 'Christian' bodies have, by and large, fallen into this trap. It is true that some sects have taken a strong line and refused to discuss or dialogue, or more precisely, BARGAIN with the pagans on the Christian ideology.

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