Outlines Of A Conspiracy

©Lucio Mascarenhas.
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As I began to convert to HTML pages these documents that I have added as part of a second tranch, I suddenly began to see a pattern in these seemingly isolated and unrelated events — the attacks of the Hindu terrorists on Christians.

On the one hand we have the desperate attempts by the pseudo-Catholic church, the modernist sect, to de-Christianize Christians and paganize them, on the other hand we have the seemingly know-nothing attacks by the pagans on Christians despite the fact that this sect is more than accomodating them and despite the fact that this sect has abandoned Christ and his gospel and its propagation. Why then should these attacks be happening?

Why is this sect so defeaningly silent in the face of this hostile anti-Christian propaganda? Indeed, as a matter of fact, not only are they NOT acting systematically against this terrorist campaign, but they are actually pow-wowing with the terrorists!

Then again, we have the strange spectacle of the preceptors of this sect actually speaking the same language and pushing the same agenda as these pagan persecutors!

Taking these facts into account, a clearer picture of the truth emerges.

This sect is involved in re-engineering Christians to be neo-pagans of the one world religion of the new age and order. At the same time, they cannot do this too very openly and frankly, for they run the risk that their flocks will see them to be what they are - satanic wolves, and flee from them. To obviate this, and for mutual benefit, I believe, this sect is conspiring with the pagans so that this campaign of intimidation is let loose, that Christians become too scared to think straight, and that they should instinctively and unthinkingly embrace the church as a means of protection against this terrorism.

Improbable? Is there any other means of explaining these facts than this scenario?
©Lucio Mascarenhas.
Orthopapism II/Michaelinum | Index of Articles
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