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The Hindu Revivalists have organised a terrorist force patterned on the Nazi Stormtroopers - the R.S.S. (Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh or the National Self-Reliance League.)

The R.S.S. has added a new theme to its constant campaign of mischief - it wants a 'house-trained' church - domesticated, docile and toeing its line.

But let us ask: What is the R.S.S.'s locus standi? None. It is, as usual, being impertinent and meddling in other people's affairs.

The government of the various creedal bodies, confessions, communions, etc., are their own internal affair, and no other body has a right to interfere. Only states may, and only so far as to preserve order.

Obviously, Indian Christianity is neither posing a problem of law and order nor questions India's unity.

Nevertheless, as an Indian Christian, I welcome this new campaign by the Sangh Parivar.

I welcome it because it provides a new opportunity to put the Parivar (Org) itself under the lens of examination.

We all know that, despite what its partisans like to pretend, the Parivar is an evil and criminal entity and seeks to undermine the Indian state and disturb its law and order.

They wish to establish a Hindu, Manuwad, fascist state.

But this is not the sum of their criminality.

The Parivar, more than anything else, represents an attempt by the criminal Manuwad - the world's oldest system of Apartheid, some 3300 years old, to claw its way back to an Ascendancy.

As such, the Parivar is the front of Manuwad, the Indian Boerdom. And that entity is criminal; its very continued existence a crime against humanity.

They possess the best land in India - robbed from their Dalit victims. They possess the most of India's wealth. And their temples are filthy rich with loot.

And they sit amid this stolen wealth contemning their victims as socially and culturally inferior; subhuman beings. But who made them so?

The Manuwadists did.

Their fathers robbed, and not only of material goods, but also social and cultural goods.

When the Aryans debauched into India, then Maluha, they were cattle-raising nomadic barbarians off Eurasia’s northern steppes – their ancient homeland that they call the Uttara Kuru – they found civilised people who lived in sophisticated city-civilisations – the Nagas and the Dravids.

The history of the Aryans themselves attest to this fact – so much so that they record how the Aryans, unadept at building cities, press-ganged Naga prisoners-of-wars into building the first Aryan city in India – Hastinapuram.

But the Aryans, following their conquests, murdered the native artists and intellectuals, and forbade learning to the enslaved remainder at pain of the greatest brutuality.

It is this, that made the Dalits ‘uncultured’ as they are today.

This is Indian, nay Hindu culture, peacability, love and tolerance.

It is now time for justice.

Affirmative action is not it. It lays the burden on the general citizenry, not on the perpetrators.

The burden of justice must lie on the perpetrators.

Justice is Restitution, Reparation, Retribution.

The perpetrators are the System of Manuwad – Caste Hindus – the Dvijas: Brahmins, Kshatriyas, Vaishyas; their institutions social, cultural, and religions.

(It is not enough to stop cultivation weeds. They will not go away by themselves, will not wither away but will continue to florish. To restore, one must DESTROY, UPROOT the weeds, and replant.)

They are holding stolen goods – land and wealth. They and they alone must pay. And not only in land and wealth, but also in Community Service.

Finally, to come back to where we started: Manuwad’s demand that the Indian State takeover the Church.

It is not the Church that needs to be controlled / regulated by the State; it is Hinduism – which, as an organism, is culpable of Manuwad – that needs to be regulated and controlled. In order to uproot, eradicate and re-educated the perpetrators and rehabilitate and de-Stockholmise their victims, so that never again – never, never, again, can Manuwad raise its ugly head.
©Lucio Mascarenhas.
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