Peccavi: I have Sinned

"A fool thinks himself to be wise, but a wise man knows himself a fool." — William Shakespeare.
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Many years ago, during the British Raj, an officer, sent to inspect the situation in the Emirates of Sindh, telegraphed back to Headquarters the cryptic message "Peccavi", which is Latin for "I have sinned!" What he wished to convey was that he had annexed the province of Sindh to British India without permissions and orders from his superiors (an action that the British apologists described as a 'noble piece of rascally').

Today, Sindh is once again in the news in the Indian Union. During the Partition of 1947, Sindh was alloted to Pakistan, and the majority of the non-Muslim population of Sindh fled to the Indian Union. The word Sindh, however, continues to be a part of the Official State Anthem of the Indian Union, to the grief of certain lunatics who cannot stomach that a part of Pakistan is named in the Indian anthem! Recently, one of these lunatics approached the Indian Supreme Court demanding that the word be deleted from the anthem.

But bad enough as this is, what is worse is that the Indian Supreme Court has actually entertained the plea and has issued summons to the Indian Government to file a reply.

Now, anyone with even a cursory acquaintance with Indian history, is aware that Sindh plays a critical role. The very name "India" is derived from the word "Sindh". Sindh was a part of British India until 1947, when Pakistan was carved out on the specious grounds of religion.

Greece once included Smyrna, Miletus, and other cities and regions that have been encroached upon by the Turks and are, for now, a part of the State of Turkey. Should the Greeks therefore religiously delete all mention of these places from their historical records and memories? The very notion is nonsensical!

Yet, we have a large section of the Indian population who agitate for the exclusion of the name Sindh from the Indian Anthem, and their Supreme Court is so incredibly stupid as to entertain this patently nonsensical plea!

Yet, we, Goans, have been separate from what is now the Indian Union since 1510, which is centuries earlier than the alienation of Sindh, and have over those centuries been integrated as a legal and indivisible part of Greater Portugal that spans the continents and races, despite which, the Indian Union pretends to some kind of "right" over us Goans!

India pretends to a "right" over our allegiance and loyalty, even as it disowns any claims over Sindh, and over the allegiance and loyalties of the residents of that land!

What can be more hypocritical than this?

Recently, a peculiar exchange on the list operated by that stalwart traitor, Jose Colaco, came to my attention. This exchange was provoked by Gasparjee's cross posting of my article "Goans & Goa" there. Apparently, one of the members there, a pagan named Rixicexa Xenai (a Gaud Saraswat Concannim Hindu and Brahmin from the Mangalore / Tuluva region who works in the UK as a 'doctor', he gives the Indian form "Hrishikesh Shenoy") was aggrieved and wrote a letter in reply, but which he did not have the courage to forward me! Which is not surprising, for I have learnt that despite their fantastic bravado, the Indian pagans are a lot of cowards when they are alone!

I reproduce the exchange for your amusement, as I set out to dissect this humbug and those who succour him in their joint hypocrisy!

Message 18586 Goa-Goans
From: "Goa's Shame, India's Pride"
Date: Wed Jan 5, 2005 5:58 pm
Subject: Fwd: Are You Goan? Do You Love Goa?

Lúcio Mascarenhas wrote:
To: GoanCenter
From: Lúcio Mascarenhas
Date: Wed, 5 Jan 2005 15:51:52 +0000 (GMT)
Subject: Are You Goan? Do You Love Goa?


In my campaign, largely centered on the Internet, to activize Goans on the Goan Question, and to kickstart the Goan Liberation Movement, moribund since 1974, I have encountered several who claim to be Goans, who claim to love Goa and Goans, and who work for Goa and Goans, and who have done things — something or the other — to benefit Goa and Goans. This statement is an investigation — and a challenge! It is time to take stock; to seperate the truth from falsehood.

Message 18625 Goa-Goans
From: "hrishikeshenoy"
Date: Fri Jan 7, 2005 8:20 pm
Subject: Goa India.

Dear Friends,

Hope you all Had a wonderful Christmas and Hope God Blesses you all with a wonderful new year.

I think Mr Lucio Masceranes in his letter about Goa being seperate from India has totally lost the plot.

India rightly freed its Goa from the clutches of foreigners. This chap loves to call Indians Pagans.I think is extremely derogatory and wrong to Label Hindus Sikhs Buddhists and Jains as Pagans.Christians on the whole are normal people with normal views about life and their Hindu Neighbours and dont go on addressing their fellow citizens as pagans.Hindus too on the whole are accepting of views other than theirs and are not barmy.But this Man i must say has lost his marbles.

He is downright racist,communal and prejudicial.

He disputes Goa's accession to India.Good Get Lost.Leave Goa and go to the other places where non christians are called pagans if you think this is part of your culture you are certainly not Indian.

Whereas WE MUST ALL LEARN FROM HISTORY and not demonise the portuguese ,they were are and always will be foreigners. Their rule was just that, an imperial rule of a subjugated people. Goa does Indeed have a unique culture,but then so has orissa , Bengal and Tamil Nadu and every other Indian region, but they are all India.Even the portuguese call Goa estado da India.

This man ,poor man has hate in him. Christianity and other philosophies have only Enriched India. We would otherwise be stagnant , like frogs in a well.Now we have more on our plate ,it only makes dinner more interesting.

Anyone who thinks of Hindus Sikhs Buddhists Jains as PAGANS must be aware how narrow minded their brains are.

Once again wishing all you folks a wonderful 2005.


Message 18626 Goa-Goans
From: Gilbert Lawrence
Date: Sat Jan 8, 2005 4:53 am
Subject: RE: Goa India.

Hi Mr. Shenoy,

I fully agree with your comments. My aplogies to you.

Please join cyber Goa including this mailing lsit.

Please use you intellect to hold Goans of all religions and walks of life to a high standard of facts, truth and reality on this and other topics.

Regards, GL
Message 18628 Goa-Goans
From: Jose Colaco
Date: Sat Jan 8, 2005 5:03 am
Subject: RE: hrishikeshenoy on Prakash "Lucio" Mascarenhas.

>From: "hrishikeshenoy" <[email protected]>

«I think Mr Lucio Masceranes in his letter about Goa being seperate from India has totally lost the plot...But this Man i must say has lost his marbles. He is downright racist, communal and prejudicial»

Dear Hrishikesh

He who "has lost his marbles" ....... well, just does NOT have any marbles left!


Just Cloaca

Catoring The Baji OR Dissecting The Humbugs

What struck me more than anything, even more than the pompous conceit of some fools who glory in their foolishness and who derogate those who refuse to partake of their folly as "insane", is the callous connivance in the pagan's encroachments upon Christianity. By this, they make themselves party to, and subscibers to the peculiar notion that a Hindu is not a pagan. And if a Hindu is not a pagan, then very obviously, Hindus must be a species of Christian!

Yet this is what Dr. Blimpette obviously meant when he wrote:
Please use you intellect to hold Goans of all religions and walks of life to a high standard of facts, truth and reality on this and other topics.
Hallelujah! According to the SANITY of Dr. Blimpette and Dr. Witless Cloaca, Hindus are Christians! I am blinded by the intense light of these infinite intellects!

The pagan wrote:
"Christians on the whole are normal people with normal views about life and their Hindu Neighbours and dont go on addressing their fellow citizens as pagans.
Neither of the two valiants who sprung to the "relief" and succor of the pagan rebutted this pretension. Therefore, one is forced to conclude that they agree wholly with him. But if they agree, it only means that they profess a spurious version of Christianity, deluding themselves that they are therefore "normal", when in fact they are merely apostates!

My response to these triumvir of piety and religiosity will be in two parts; this page, which deals with the pretensions of the vile pagan, is the first part, while the second part, "The Song of Sedition" or The Baghavat Geeta, follows this page.

  1. "India rightly freed its Goa from the clutches of foreigners." For Goans, British Indians are foreigners, and fellow-Portuguese from other parts of Portugal, Iberian Portugal, African Portugal, etc., are our own brothers and fellow-citizens. By its unjustified and unsought for intrusion and impositions, India has not "liberated" us, but has enslaved us! We have been forcibly separated, against our will, from an inter-racial joint family, and reduced by a bunch of philistine racists to being a conquest, and to be reduced to the same pedestrian values as themselves!

  2. "This chap loves to call Indians Pagans.I think is extremely derogatory and wrong to Label Hindus Sikhs Buddhists and Jains as Pagans." I have never alleged that every Indian is pagan. And pagan is nothing more than a factual term — which describes a spade as a spade and an evildoer as an evildoer. In the External Forum, all non-Christians are to be considered culpable until they demonstrate otherwise.

    The word "pagan" is a Christian term for all non-Christians, except for Schismatics, heretics and infidels. The term Infidel is reserved for the Muslims. Therefore, every animist religion — Hinduism, Zoroastrianism, Jainism, Buddhism, Sikhism, etc., is a Pagan religion.

  3. "He is racist" Typical of the sloppy thinking that masquerades as Indian intellectualism. Am I a racist? Race and civil allegiances are two different things. The people of Portuguese India, and of the Indian Union, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Ceylon, besides Afghanistan, share much the same racial origins; citizens of other neighboring states such as Burma, Nepal, Tibet, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Malaysia, Brunei, Indonesia, the Philippines, share many cultural elements grafted in by Indian imperalists over the last two milleniums, so that they have something distinctly "Indian" in their culture to this day.

    Indeed, all of these countries are called by the rest of the world, collectively as the "East Indies".

    It is absurd, for example, to allege that an Arab could be an "Anti-semite", for the simple reason that Arabs are a subgroup of the Semite group, and therefore, to be an Arab, is to be a Semite.

    Similarly, it is nonsensical to allege that a Goan who is defending his country from aggression by the Indian Union, is a "racist" when he attacks the invaders!

    It would be akin to a Russian describing a Pole who fought against the Soviet invasions as a "Slavophobe"; or a Nazi describing an Austrian who resisted as a German-hater; or an Iraqi describing a Kuwaiti who resisted Iraqi aggression as an Arab-hater; or a Nigerian or a Congolese describing a Biafran or a Katangan who resisted the encroachments on his nationality as Anti-African!

  4. "He disputes Goa's accession to India." I do nothing of the sort: It is impossible to dispute something that never occurred! I merely point out that no such thing ever happened, and that no such thing could lawfully happen, given that Goa is an integral and indivisible part of Greater Portugal.

  5. "Good Get Lost. Leave Goa and go to the other places... you are certainly not Indian." It is kind and generous of an invader to invite himself into another man's home and then invite the native who refuses to accept enslavement at his hands to "get lost" from his own motherland! And as for not being Indian, that is exactly my point — except that you morons keep trying to stuff your filthy Indianity down my throat, and the throats of all Goans!

  6. "... the portuguese... were are and always will be foreigners." It is being gratuitously alleged that Goan patriots are "racists", yet the Indians' pretensions that Goans cannot be Portuguese, and that Portuguese are foreign to Goa, is not only the true racism, but is also a further intrusion, imposition and encroachment upon our rights.

    Indians (including our own dear "Dr." Rixicexa Xenai, M.B.B.S., an Indian expatriate in England) are very quick to demand, and the Indian government to defend them in this, that their host nations, such as the English, French, American, etc., should transform themselves into multi-cultural and multi-racial communities to accomodate these haughty immigrants who do not wish to conform to their hosts; yet, nevertheless, they deny the legitimacy of the Greater Portuguese State, because it is not homogenous but embraces peoples of different racial and cultural origins! What is this if not sheer hypocrisy?

    You Indians can speak only for yourselves, that the "Portuguese are foreign". You do not have the authority to speak for us Goans!

  7. "Goa does Indeed have a unique culture,but then so has orissa , Bengal and Tamil Nadu and every other Indian region, but they are all India." Totally brilliant — This is merely more unabashed and undisguised hypocrisy meant to throw dust into our eyes!

    Therefore, the French, Belgians, Dutch, Czechs, etc. were all wrong when they objected to be invaded and occupied by Nazi Germany; this despite Hitler generously telling them "Your country (insert name here) certainly has an unique culture, but then so has Thuringia, Pomerania, Saxony, Bavaria, Westphalia, etc."

    Likewise, Saddam Hussain also told the Kuwaitis, "Your Kuwait certainly has a unique culture, but then so does Basra, Tikrit, Mosul, Baghdad, etc."

    It is heartbreaking and painful to see the ingratitude of the Lithuanians, Latvians, Estonians, Poles, Ukrainians, Czechs, Hungarians, and other East European nations to Uncle Stalin who invaded and occupied their homelands and made them part of his great glorious Fatherland Empire; an ingratitude more pronounced given Uncle Stalin's paternal love for these reprobate nations, telling them, "You certainly have a unique culture, but then so does Bryansk, Novgorod, Petrograd, etc." Heartrending!

    Equally heartrending is the ingratitude of the Tibetans and Indians in resisting Chinese encroachments and invasions, and insisting on retaining their own particular, provincial identities, despite Chairman Mao's avuncular admonishment — "You certainly have a unique culture, but then so does Szechuan, Hopeh, Hunan, Yunnan, Funan, Guangdong, etc.!"

    But for the Indians, duplicity and hypocrisy are the core values of their Morality: What they will not accept for themselves, they demand that others accept from them!

  8. "Even the Portuguese called Goa estado da india". And what is that supposed to mean? The East Indies were divided into several holdings — Dutch East Indies, French India, Danish India, Spanish India, British India, Portuguese India, etc.

    India is not a nation, but a collection of nations each with their own national languages. The Goans are not a natural extension of British India, and our civil allegiances was and is lawfully to Greater Portugal (which is not the same as the present secessionist Republic of Iberian Portugal).

    The only reason why you cite this is because you are ignorant of history and what the term "Estado da India Portuguesa" really means!

  9. "This man ,poor man has hate in him." Indeed I do have hate for evil and for evildoers, and desire to undo evil and to bring perpetrators to justice; for which I refuse to apologize or feel ashamed!

  10. "Anyone who thinks of Hindus Sikhs Buddhists Jains as PAGANS must be aware how narrow minded their brains are." Anyone who pretends that a spade is not a spade but a sausage and that a Pagan is not a Pagan but is a type of Christian merely demonstrates that he is clinically insane!
Part II: The Baghavat Geeta!

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