The Baghavat Geeta

But now saith the Lord: ...whosoever shall glorify me, him will I glorify: but they that despise me, shall be despised. — 1 Kings 2: 30
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This is Part II of my counter-offensive against certain traitors and criminals. See Part I here.

Ever since Christ Jesus, the Promised Messiah, promulgated His Dispensation, Satan has raged and conspired to bring about the downfall of Christians and of Christiandom. One of the most signal attempts was that made by the Apostate, Julianus, Roman Emperor, who sought to reverse the process of Christianization commenced by the Emperor Constantinus Chlorinus following his victory at the Battle of the Milvian Bridge.

Julianus, who attempted several stratagems to achieve the extinction of Christianity and the revival of the fortunes of Roman, Greek, and other pagan religions, and also that of the Jewish religion, in opposition to Christianity, was finally defeated by the hand of God and died an ignominous death, confessing on his deathbed: "Thou has vanquished, O Galilean!"

But that did not end Satan's efforts at achieving the destruction of Christianity. After several failed attempts, the votaries of Satan have learned from their experience and have become smarter. Now, instead of seeking to achieve a spectacular and directly evident overthrow of Christianity and Christiandom, they seek to corrupt Christians and to subvert it gradually in order to achieve a "revolution from within." This program has been stagemanaged by the Deicide Jews, who having repudiated and murdered the Messiah, have been in their own turn, repudiated by God, for which reason they rage against the Christians, who have come to supplant them as the People of God. The Jews seek to achieve this by means of promoting the Noachide heresy, or what Christianity describes as Judaizerism.

The principal form that the Noachide conspiracy takes is what is called "Freemasonry." Of Freemasonry it can be safely said, that all treason and perversion begins in the lodge. Ghandi, Nehru, Vivekananda, etc., were Freemasons.

The Freemasons have always sought to bring about the alienation of the legitimate affections and loyalties of peoples to their governments on grounds of race and ethnicity — this is as true of Habsburg Austria in 1916-1919 as it was of Portugal 1929-1974. The Rape and enslavement of Goa was part of this larger scenario.

Freemasonry works by cultivating a false learning that imbues pride and conceit, a contempt for all the accumulated wisdom of generations, for the little folk acts and symbols of piety and devotion, a contempt for Christ and for Christianity, and a conceit about being "wise" and "learned", and therefore "superior."

It is therefore not surprising that from the time of Napoleon's Occupation of Portugal, when England occupied Goa, ostensibly to prevent it falling to the French or Tipu Sultan, the English began to suborn Goan loyalty to Lisbon and to cultivate a class of half-caste Goans, beholden, not to Goa and Lisbon, but to their White Anglo-Saxon Protestant masters, alienated from their national roots in Goa and made "Anglo-Indian" by adoption. It is therefore not surprising that the vast majority of Goans educated since then, educated, even in Goa, in the values and principles of the Freemasonic Republic of England, were indoctrinated against the values and principles that made Goa Goa.

Typical of these half-castes are Dr. Jose Colaco and Dr. Gilbert Lawrence, one among the legion of M.B.B.S. quacks and fools who live only to pervert other Goans and to aid and succour the enemy.

These apostates are so deprived of any notion of shame or propriety that they cannot recognize, or care for that matter, that Christ and Christianity is being insulted by those to whose succour they arise, but, like dumb dogs transfixed by the sweet smell of carrion, they follow the Indians out to trap them to their doom.

And so these shameless dogs have hired themselves out to their Indian masters in order to bark at Goan patriots for the temerity of refusing to accept, as they have done, the pleasures of slavery and degradation! They howl at the full moon India's National Anthem, the Song of Sedition, the Baghavat Geeta, being the Baghis that they are! And they seek to seduce other Goans to become Baghis like themselves!

Loudly — yet prematurely, too prematurely — they bay out the glories of Pagandom, of the Baghavat Pantha:
"India has triumphed!
Paganism has prevailed!
Thou art vanquished, O Galillean!"
I therefore present this doggerel: There is no canine so vicious, as the expatriate Indian mongrel!

These "wise" quacks, Dr. Witless, Dr. Blimpette and their "Ganpati" offspring, whom Blimpette so piously nurses at his breast, Dr. Bluffard, therefore present unto us a spectacle designed for our edification!

Is there something about these M.B.B.S. quacks that inevitably makes them traitors? Shakespeare wrote: "The first thing we do, let's kill all the lawyers" (Henry VI) Given the spectacle of these Indian and Indianized mongrels, I think that it would be better said as: "The first thing we do, let's kill all the quacks!"

Braham Satya Hai!: Mahatma Cloacaji ka Maya!

"The man that hath no music in himself, nor is not moved with concord of sweet sounds, is fit for treasons, stratagems and spoils." — William Shakespeare
Dr. Witless wrote to the pagan, consoling him for the privations inflicted upon the Indian hoodlums by the wicked Goan patriot Lúcio: "He who "has lost his marbles" ....... well, just does NOT have any marbles left!" It is well and properly put, that I, who refuses to join Dr. Witless, M.B.B.S. aka Guru-Dev Mahatma Cloacaji in partaking of his exquisite Amrit Gobar Parshad, am thereby proven as lacking in sanity, whereas the esteemed Dr. Witless and all his disciples, who feast upon this veritable food of the gods unto satiation, are thereby proven to possess a surfeit of sanity!

I prostrate myself before the Lotus-feet of Guru-Dev Mahatma Just-Cloacaji, begging forgiveness for my transgressions against His Divineness — He who can make the land navigable by ships and the sea passable by foot, confessing with my tongue: Sab kuch Baghavan Sri Cloacajee ki maya hai!

There used to be a time, when we were imperiously admonished: "Go west, young man!" Today, the likes of the Param-Deekshacharya Swami Perigal Mahatma Sri Cloacaji and his consort Dr. Blimpette, M.B.B.S. aka Ma-Devi Sri Gilbertmataji pejoratively admonish us: "Go east, young man, and smoke pot!"

We are instructed to "Go East" and to learn from Devi Bharatmata, to dwell in and learn from the sublime and profound natives of the Abominable Hind, repository of all wisdom, from whom even the "gods" love to learn; adepts in all the arts and crafts of Soddom and Gommorah — and then some! Indeed, this is the truest Tropical Paradise, where father fornicates with daughter and mother with son, all the while crying out in divine ecstacy, "Om Sri Bharat Mata ki Jai!"

Sau may say hajar Be-Iman, phir-bhi tera Bharat Mahaan!

Alas, Dr. Witless has been deceived by the Brahmans that by dining upon the divine droppings of cows and drinking their sacred urine, and by piously planting a fervent kiss on that portal of "heaven" — portal unto the "gods" — a cow's arse, he develops "brains"! The only remedy for this quack's ailment — and for those Lycanthropic anthropoids, the Brahmans — is a diet of human dung — in the hope that it may detoxify and rehabilitate, even if only gradually, their humanity!

Gilbertmataji ki An-anta Kripa!

Mahatma Cloacaji, his consort Devi Ma Gilbertmataji and pacified monster-infant Rixicexa Xenai make a cozy threesome! When the haughty Indian racist, Dr. Bluffard, M.B.B.S., insulted at being appellated as a pagan, wails and sheds copious tears, the Ever Compassionate Dr. Blimpette aka Devi Sri Gilbertmataji, out of his An-anta kripa, offers him his ample breasts, offering to succor the pagan and to give him suck at his Breasts of Compassion!

And so we are offered this sight calculated to stir up our piety — Devi Sri Gilbertmataji maternally offering to the wailing infant Rixicexa Xenai, her Ganapati, his ample Breasts of Compassion in reparations for the outrages inflicted upon the delicate constitutions of the Indian bandits and thugs, boors and philistines, who rampaged and rampage into Goa like bulls in a China-shop, when the Bharatiya Samrajya ki Pavitrottam Baghavat Leela is denounced and castigated by wicked Goan patriots like Lúcio!

Indeed, this wicked Goan patriot is totally insufferable, casting slurs on Bharat's sublime Samrajya Dharma — its ineffable Baghavat Pantha — by so inconsiderately calling a spade a spade, calling a baghi a baghi and calling a Pagan a Pagan!

"I fully agree with your comments. My aplogies to you." Therefore, Dr. Blimpette deigns to edify us with this spectacle: As he, out of his infinite Ocean of Compassion sloshing around in his ample breasts of mercy, condescends to propriate his darling "Ganpati" Dr. Bluffard for the injury inflicted on his pagan-ness by the wicked Goan patriot Lúcio, by giving him suck, and shelter in his ample bosom!

Ah! What piety! How divine! I am moved to tears! Mata Lawrie-ben ki jai!
I saw an advertisement commemorating Subhashchandra Fuhrer Basu, that ally of Hitler and Tojo during World War II, quoting him:
"The greatest curse for a man is to remain a slave. The grossest crime is to compromise with injustice and wrong.... The highest virtue is to battle against iniquity, no matter what the cost may be."
Perhaps Witless, Blimpette and all the other Goan quislings could get some good sense by writing out these lines a few hundred thousand times? I doubt it!
©Lúcio Mascarenhas
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