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"Mayabhushan Nagvenkar" (Mayabuxan Nagvencar) was the website which had made waves in the Indian Union by its expose, or 'sting operation', on scams in the military and the Indian Ministry for Defense. Later, it morphed itself into a weekly news publication.

The February 7, 2004 issue of Tehelka was devoted to an 'expose' of a 'Christian conspiracy' to convert Indians and thereby to 'subvert' the Indian Union. The articles are spread over pages 6 to 17. The cover page carried in a place of prominence, an advertisement
"It is sinister, and we need to watch out for it.
"An exclusive and exhaustive Tehelka Investigation into a disturbing phenomenon.
"Top Secret p6."
The bulk of this yellow rag was dedicated to badmouthing and misrepresenting Christianity. To top things off, the founder-editor of this rag, Tarun Tejpal wrote out an editorial "A PRIVATE FAITH MADE DANGEROUSLY PUBLIC" (p. 18). (See these pages for more info: Christian Post | CWUSA | Christian Today | Dr. Abraham Mathai: A Public Faith Denigrated | Christian News Service)

[Among the gems that this eminent rag dishes out to the reader is the momentous revelation that this fabulous conspiracy not only involves a long list of "Evangelical Protestant" sects and outfits, but, gasp!, also the Russelites ("Jehovah's Witnesses" / "Watchtower Bible & Tracts Society"); the Salvation Army; the Seventh-Day Adventists; also, and this has got to be the richest of this millenium — the following bodies interspersed among the "Evangelical Protestants" etc.:
  1. "Congregation of the Sisters of the Holy Cross Generalate";
  2. "LaSalette Missionaries, Province of Mary, Queen of Peace";
  3. "Oblates of Mary Immaculate, U.S. Consulate" (sic!);
  4. "Salesian Missions";
  5. "Society of Mary, Province of New York, Marianist Provincial House";
  6. "Society of the Divine Word, Chicago Province";
  7. "Society of the Divine Word, Southern Province of St. Augustine";
  8. "The Franciscan Missionaries of Mary, U.S. Province"; etc., etc.!
It is not known why the brilliant 'journalists' who concocted this garbage kept out the Buddhist Church of America, Christian Science, Ra-El, the Church of Scientology, the Nation of Islam, the Unitarian-Universalist Church, the Church of the Latter Day Saints (Mormons), Reformed Judaism, Conservative Judaism, the Rastafarians, Alistair Crowley, etc. Probably due to oversight!

This is the 'high standards' of Journalism that Tehelka represents! In any civilized country anybody who spoke or published such drivel would have been institutionalized in a lunatic asylum!]

Yet, shortly after, when Christian organizations in Delhi, including that of the doughty John Dayal, listed Tehelka among anti-Christian organizations etc., Tehelka professed 'surprise' at its inclusion.

The Tehelka 'journalists' who concocted the garbage published in February 2004 are identified as V.K. Shashikumar ("Special Correspondent") & Mayabhushan Nagvenkar ("Senior Correspondent"); the first, from his name, apparently a Hindu from the Malabar Coast, the later a Hindu from Goa.

There is a "Goan" magazine published from Bombay, called The Goan Review. It is supposedly a magazine printed in the Roman script Concannim language. However, its "Concannim" (or "Konkani" as Indians prefer to call it) is utterly different from either of the two Christian Concannim dialects spoken in Goa, Bardesian and Salsettean Concannims. It is in fact the Indianized, Hinduized bastard-language, that borrows heavily from Marathi and Hindi — the form that a Goan 'priest' has recently pretended is the Hindu Antrusian Concannim. A traitor called Fausto da Costa, who flaunts his participation in India's rape and occupation of Goa, runs this rag. Not only is he a traitor, but also his brother, who later on went to become a 'priest' and who recently was killed in a road accident — thank God for ridding us of this rubbish!

In the March-April 2004 issue of The Goan Review we find, on page 39, this interesting snippet:

Goan Journalist From Herald To Tehelka

When the "Tehelka" got launched in Delhi in end-January, there was a Goa hand to it. Mayabhushan Nagvenkar (26), a former reporter with the Herald, recently shifted over to join "Tehelka" as one of its senior correspondents. An alumni of St. Sebastian Goan High School, Dabul, Bombay, Mapuça's São João da Britto High School and St. Xavier's College, Mapuça, Nagvenkar also had brief stints as journalist with "The Asian Age" in Bombay and Goa's "The Navhind Times" and "Gomantak Times".
At a time when Christianity in India and Goa were disturbed by yet another vile attack of slander and calumny, and when organizations dedicated to the defense of Christianity and Christians in the Indian Union were blacklisting Tehelka for its hatred of Christianity and Christians, The Goan Review presided over by that traitor and apostate Fausto da Costa was lauding one of the two authors of these very same calumnies and slanders as a 'fellow Goan journalist'! Not a whisper of condemnation of his libels against Christianity!

Ought I to be surprised?

[It is necessary to be informed that the Hindus of Goa have traditionally inculcated in themselves a vaporing hatred of Christians; they, therefore, form, as a class, perhaps the most viciously anti-Christian Hindus in all the world. The following page will help the reader to understand the Hindu Hatred Of Goa]

"Willy D'Souza" (Guilfredo de Sousa)

The July 2005 edition of the anti-patriotic publication, Goa Today, has this interesting information (p. 9):

"Freedom Fighters' Fatuous Fight"

When Dr. Dayananda Rao inadvertently referred to Deputy Chief Minister Dr. Wilfred de Souza as a freedom fighter at the Goa Revolution Day, some veteran freedom fighters got annoyed. Dr. De Souza was invited to honor some of the freedom fighters. Later, he referred to the freedom fighters reacting negatively to his being mentioned as a freedom fighter, said, "I was among one of the Goan students besides Dr. Jose Francisco Martins and Mr. Froilano Machado, who joined the first year science class at the Karnataka College, Dharwad, in June 1942, and who participated in the Quit India movement carried out at Dharward from August 1942, in response to a call given by Mahatma Gandhi on August 8 of that year."
Readers who are mystified by "Goa Revolution Day" will be enlightened by reading this: The Lohia Incident: Origin of the "Goa Revolution Day".

That Jose Francisco Martins is one of the traitors is a notorious fact. Froilano Machado is not as well known, but there is no dispute that he too is a traitor.

The traitor and apostate, Alfredo de Tavares ([email protected]), a resident of Stockholm, Sweden, has in a letter on the Goan-Traitors-net BBS, corroborated the fact that Guilfredo de Sousa is a traitor; he goes on to name others: Aloysio Soares, Armando Meneses, Edoardo Sousa, Salvador Sobrinho, Isidorio Carvalho, Antonio Sequeira; and the pagans: Xancara Bandari, Mohana Calapurcar, Ravindra Quellecar, Laxmana Rao Sardessai, Gurunatha Quellecar (I have given what I believe are the Goan, i.e., Lusitanian, forms of the names, instead of the Indian forms — Lúcio).

The letter by the traitor-apostate Alfredo da Tavares forms part of an interesting exchange, wherein the traitors affirm, quite piteously, that we, the Goan Christians, ought to be 'grateful' to the "Decent Majority" (Verbatim! — Lúcio) — the Goan pagans reinforced by Indian pagan colonists — for their 'forbearance' in permitting us to continue in existence in Goa; see the posts of Enrico Pinto and of "Carlos", etc., the later, not "The Jackal" but perhaps "The Jackass"?

That raises the interesting question: Are the Cristãos the majority of the Goan population, or is it, as India AND Goan traitors allege, the Gentoos (Hindus)? Read this illuminating article to discover the answer: Goan Demographics.

The Traitoress Herodias Speaks Again

I have quoted the traitoress Shantabhen Herodias (or "Irene Heredia") in my article on the Lohia Incident, which the traitors pass off as "Goa Revolution Day" (sic!). The reader can refresh his memory here: The Lohia Incident: Origin of the "Goa Revolution Day".

In the Goa Today of July 2005, in the Letters to the Editor section, we find the traitoress Herodias speak out once again:

Liberation Council & Inquisition

I refer to my article published in the June issue of Goa Today on the Liberation Movement in Bombay, a good chunk of which was blue penciled for lack of space, as it was rather a lengthy piece. I wish to retrieve the information it contained as the points made were valid and relevant.

Firstly, the Inquisition as depicted in the recent government sponsored documentary on the Goan struggle for freedom with a directive that it be screened on Liberation Day, December 19, 2004, in the 400 schools in Goa was totally irrelevant to our movement. By a tacit agreement among all parties, controversial and contentious issues were eschewed as it would break our ranks. In the day's context the incidence of the Inquisition was without significance. It had happened centuries earlier and the knowledge prevalent about it among the liberationists was more hearsay than history. Besides, the struggle was against the dictatorship of Salazar and his minions in Goa and not against the Portuguese people already smarting under an ageing dictatorship.

The Goa Liberation Council and its members were for a negotiated settlement as in Pondicherry, but Salazar was adamant that Goa was, is, and forever would be part of Portugal occasioning the famous remark "Eu Protesto" from Dr. Gaitonde, whose wife was Portuguese (she still visits her husband's home in Canacona as often as she can).

Secondly, the role of the Church in Bombay was a difficult one. Torn between the Vatican under which it functioned and Portugal officially acknowledged a Catholic nation with Salazar a good Catholic leader, the Church maintained a studied neutrality. Liberation theology had not yet arrived, though there were many members of the clergy who were closet sympathizers.

It was in this context that Fr. H.O. Mascarenhas, despite his erudition, had to plough a lonely furrow and Fr. Conceicao Rodrigues, founder of the Agnel Ashram, was sidelined.

Irene Heredia, Verem, Reis Magos, Goa, Portugal.
As a matter of fact, in 1954, in response to open pressure by the Indian Government upon Goans to rebel against their lawful government, H.H. Pope Pius XII had formally instructed Goans that it was their moral duty to abide by their lawful allegiance as a part of Portugal, a statement to which the Indian Union and the traitors took great umbrage. Again, it is also a fact that in October 1958, following the death of the Pope, a Modernist Antipope — Roncalli or "John XXIII-II", the second antipope with the same pretended title — infiltrated the Vatican, and both he and the next antipope, Montini or "Paul VI" favored the Indian Union, thought like the cowards that they were, they did so secretly and not openly, fearing an adverse reaction from Portugal.

The reader must also bear in mind the fact that the Rape of Goa was not an "Anti-Salazar" program, but it was precisely an anti-Portuguese, anti-Christian program, despite Herodias gratuituously lying through her teeth! It was part of the worldwide conspiracy to dismember Catholic states, part of the Jewish-Freemasonic conspiracy of "Solve et Coagula": Dissolve Catholic states such as Spain (Latin America, Puerto Rico, Cuba, the Philippines, etc.), Portugal (Brazil, etc.), Austria-Hungary, and re-unite the fragments into anti-Catholic unitary states operated by Freemasons — such as Simon Bolivar, Jose San Martin, Dom Pedro, Jawaharlal Nehru — instead!

Goa had been integrated into Portugal long before Salazar was even born, and for centuries in fact, and was and is as much an integral part of Portugal as the Algarve, and it is as capable of alienation without just cause as the Algarve! A pretended political quarrel with one particular Portuguese regime is not sufficient as an excuse to dismember Portugal, and the traitor who so seeks, cannot exculpate himself (or herself in this case) by 'innocently' remarking, "Oh, but my quarrel was with Salazar, not with the Portuguese people!" And, as a matter of fact, Herodias was precisely a knowing and enthusiastic participant in the conspiracy to dismember the Portuguese people; to artificially separate the Goans from Portugal, so that they could be enslaved and subjected to genocide at the hands of Hindu India.

Today, these hypocrites pretend to be shocked at Hindu India's persecution of Christians, but this is merely eyewash. These people — Lamberto Mascarenhas, H.O. Mascarenhas, Herodias, Ben Antão, Claudio Alvares, etc. — labored to achieve precisely this end — the Rape of Goa — which they glorify as the "Liberation", with the precise intention of submerging Goa's Christian majority — and Christian social ethos — in the numbing masses of philistine Hindu India, and with the specific intention of de-Christianizing us and re-paganizing us!

As for "Fr." H.O. Mascarenhas, a man hailing from a family of stalwart traitors, a Google search will convince the reader that this man was an apostate and a pagan!

Ben Antão & Jaimé Fernandes

The July issue of the anti-patriotic Goa Today has a number of interesting articles. I have already quoted two excerpts, and I will quote yet another, this one appearing on page 63:

Ben Antao's "Blood & Nemesis"

James Fernandes, freedom fighter and author released a novel based on the liberation struggle titled "Blood & Nemesis", written by non-resident Goa, Ben Antao, at a function held at the International Center here on Goa Revolution Day, June 18. Published by Goan Observer Private Limited, "Blood & Nemesis" captures vividly the drama of the Liberation struggle with special focus on the persecution of freedom fighters by the Portuguese colonial regime. It is a fictional account of Jovino Colaco, who dreamt of becoming a policeman because in Portuguese ruled Goa, he found that the police wielded immense power. Trained by his boss Gaspar Dias, Jovino realises his dream and becomes an expert at baiting the freedom fighters.
Readers will remember the traitor Ben Antão ([email protected]) from my article The Lohia Incident: Origin of the "Goa Revolution Day". The traitor Jaimé Fernandes is new to me, but I always welcome learning the identities of more and more of the traitors, so that these vermin can be brought to justice.

Blood, these scumbags will shed in plenty; as for Nemesis, the Goan patriots will soon serve in that position!

John Eric Gomes

Pages 34 - 35 carries an article by a John Eric Gomes of Margão, titled, The Goa I Knew. Gomes served in the Indian navy during the invasion of Goa, even though he does not pretend anywhere in his article that Goa was oppressed prior to the Indian Rape of Goa. It is an interesting article, where the author recalls with nostalgia the passing of the paradise that was Goa before India began the Rape of Goa, December 18, 1961. The article is not sufficient to say whether Gomes is / was a traitor or not, although his serving in the invasion force goes against him.... A very good article that I strongly recommend.

The Goa Today Article Commemorating A Goan General

Pages 40-42 of the July issue of Goa Today carries an article by a Dr. Olivinho J.F. Gomes commemorating a Goan General, Dr. Miguel Caetano Dias (July 9, 1854 — July 26, 1936) of São Estevão, Ilhas, a doctor in the Portuguese military medical corps, and who rose to become a full General. This is another good article that I am surprised to find in the anti-national Goa Today, and which I recommend strongly.

Lúcio Mascarenhas
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