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I was brought up, like very many Goan Christians, in the belief that we formed the overwhelming majority of the Goan population. We were disabused of that notion, however, as we were educated, being informed that it is actually the Hindus who form the majority — something like 65%, while Christians only form 23% of the population of the territory.

It would seem that there is no scope for doubt or argument... until one begins to research facts, history and law.

Thus, for example, we have the Catholic Encyclopedia inform us, that as of 1909, the population of Goa proper, excluding Damão & Dio (and Dadra & Nagar-Aveli) comprised 3,65,291 souls, of whom, 2,93,628 were Catholics. That made Catholic Goans marginaly above 80% of the population.

What happened since then? How did the comparative population sizes reverse?

There was a small number of Goans who formally and famously abandoned Christianity and reverted to paganism. However, they were too small a number to alter the demographics.

Again, there was a large exodus of the largely westernised Christians to British India and British East Africa in the wake of opportunities being thrown open to them. However, according to Portuguese law governing Goa, upto December 19, 1961, and legally even till date, Goans resident outside, even second, third, etc. generations, remained legally Goan citizens unless they formally repudiated it.

On the ground, following this exodus, the Hindus gained a slight majority, becoming approximately 55% of the resident population. This, however, had no legal significance, given that the non-resident Christians still remained legal citizens of Goa.

Things changed, however, when India occupied Goa. Under Indian occupation, a pretence has been made of continuing to observe Goan (i.e., Portuguese) law, but in fact, that has been severely compromised in many ways. The most notorious change has been the abolition of the "Communidades" — Goan village democracies (which, did, unfortunately, have a caste tradition) — and its replacement by the alien system of "Panchayats". When Goans reacted adversely, India has sought to deceive Goans by reviving the Communidades in a manner, but not in the form they had before the occupation. The illegal and criminal Indian imperialist imposition of the Panchayat system remains....

However, another important change, and one not much commented upon publicly by Goans, as a result of the Occupation's terrorism of its critics, affects Goa's demographics. The Goan legal provision that non-resident Goans retain full citizenships and all rights was abolished, and the Indian system of strict residency imposed instead. Therefore, Indians resident in Goa are citizens of Goa, according to the Occupation, but Goans who are not resident in Goa are "not" Goans!

When one counts the population of Goa according to the Indian system, then, one gets an overwhelming Hindu majority. However, Goa is not legally a part of India, and India is merely in an illegal and criminal encroachment upon Goa, which continues to remain (despite Spinola, Mario Soares, the Carnation Revolution and the pretended Chavan-Soares "Treaty") an integral and indivisible part of Portugal. As far as law is concerned, the Freemasonic Red Fascist Regime of Portugal inaugurated by the traitors Spinola and Mario Soares has no legal or moral value to Goa.

Today, we are presented with the spectacle of such traitors and collaborators of the Occupation Regime and of the Rape of Goa, as Lamberto Mascarenhas and Shantabhen Herodias pretending to champion the cause of the Goan Christians.... However, this is merely another attempt to deceive and mislead the Christians into further errors and compromises with the enemy. As for the current raft of troubles descending upon us, they are precisely what these traitors and vermin had worked for, and which they achieved in the form of the Rape of Goa commencing December 18, 1961, and continuing into our days, until we have fulfilled our sacred obligation before God and man of liberating our beloved Goa — Rome of the East — and throwing out the invader, bring the traitors and criminals to book.

Goans as Portuguese & Indian Citizens

Because Goa is a legal part of Portugal, Goans are Portuguese citizens by right. The Indian Union was forced to acknowledge this fact, when it was agitating for its imperial conquest of Goa, seeking to seduce Goans from their lawful allegiances and to be its agents in this imperialist adventure.

Therefore, when Indians demanded that the Government of India unilaterally impose Indian citizenship upon Goans resident in the Indian Union, it was obliged to refuse.

However, after the invasion and occupation of Goa, the Indian Union unilaterally legislated that Goans are henceforth citizens of the Indian Union. This legislation is nothing but a part of the larger act of brigandery and dacoity perpetrated against Goa, and is incapable of creating any kind of legal or moral obligation upon the Goan, who remains a Portuguese citizen.

Again, there has been a Freemasonic-Communist revolution in Portugal in 1974, when the traitors Spinola and Mario Soares, among others, seized the government and dismembered Portugal. The illegal Spinola regime has — by the criminal pretence of the so-called Chavan-Soares Treaty — repudiated Goa and has acknowledged that Goa has become integrated into the Indian Union from the date of the occupation, i.e., December 18, 1961.

However, such acts — of repudiation and of alienation, and without the express and free endorsement of the concerned territory and its people, acting in just cause — are beyond the competence of any lawful government, leave alone a patent usurpation that the Spinola Regime is.

Therefore, Goa remains an integral part of Portugal, and Goans remain citizens of Portugal.

As for India and its pretensions, by its act, it has given rights to Goans upon itself, but since Goans had not sought the extension of any such rights, they are entitled to enjoy these rights without the necessity in law of tendering the corresponding duties. Goans, therefore, enjoy privileges by virtue of law over India, but not any moral or legal obligations towards it.
©Lúcio Mas. July 26, 2005.
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