The Indian Invasion & Occupation of Goa:
Dr. A.A. Bruto da Costa vs. Nehru — The Great Hypocrite

©Lúcio Mascarenhas. March 20th, 2003.
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In response to the posting of the remarkable letter attributed to a Dr. A.A. Bruto da Costa and posted by the patriot Agnelo Gomes on his GoanCauses Yahoo! d-list, I sought to ascertain the authenticity, origins, etc., of the document and the antecedents, prior and post history of its author. The following is the result of my efforts...

The letter is extraordinary for I was not aware that any Goan had actually protested the crimes of 1954 and 1961 when it had actually happened. Therefore, this letter is a precious thing, a great piece of evidence in our favor and against the Occupation. True, Bonny Lubega mentions a Goan Freedom Movement and its 3rd December 1963 Conference in Paris, , but of which, its activities, archives and propaganda, there is no trace, as far as I can see (A Goan patriot, Agnelo Gracias, subsequently provided me some literature published by this Goan Freedom Movement). Mr. Lubega quotes the Movement's chapters as having held Conferences to protest the Occupation and demand independence in 'in Nairobi, in Kampala and in Tanganyika; in Mozambique and in Angola; in Macao in the Far East; in Ceylon; in Pakistan and in the Indian Union itself; in the Persian Gulf area; in Ethiopia; in Iraq; in the United Kingdom; in Germany and in Brazil.'

For that reason, I think that the history of both the author and his letter are necessary. Mr. Gomes says that it is necessary to protect the identity of the person who gave him this letter, and I agree that this may be necessary, at least for now.

I wrote to the infamous Collaborationist, Dr. Jose Colaco, a gynæcologist (or pædiatrist?) resident in the Bahamas, asking him to read and react to this letter. However, he informs me that he too had been given this letter, by a Bernardo Pinto e Pereira, and had accordingly posted it on his Yahoo! group, Goa-Goans. Now, while I am no longer subscribed to this group, having resigned, (because I am a patriot and a Catholic, while he is a traitor and New Church) I nevertheless checked this information, and found that it was true. However, I asked Dr. Colaco to 'kindly' comment on Dr. Costa's precise words:
"It is not my intention to say — not at all — that Goa may not attain full sovereignty. This is our right, a right that does not lapse, a right that cannot be assumed by others, right which is inherent to people who are non-autonomous. In this case, the right belongs to the Goans — and has to be exercised consciously and freely as per the framework established by the U.N.O. As a Goan, which I am proud of, I come to defend this right of ours."
I confess and admit without any sense of shame that I am an extremist and fundamentalist. However, from his long and carefully considered letter, it is evident that Dr. Costa is no extremist or radical: Nevertheless, he too stoutly and unswervingly affirms Goa's rights...

It would have been interesting to have Dr. Colaco speak openly and frankly, as a self-constituted ideologue, justificator and defender of Collaborationism and treason, on how he perceives this statement. 

This is because, when I had insisted that Goa has not and cannot become a part of India resulting out of its act of pure robbery and imposition upon us, but that we retain the right to redeem ourselves, and in the meantime, the Occupation remains a criminal endeavor, a crime perpetrated on us and without any legitimacy or ability to be legitimized, he replied by quoting one of his old pages that attacked other patriots who had said the same thing. Now, since he had posted Dr. Costa's letter, with apparent approbation, I would have liked his take on these particular words, with reference to these following pages / discussions...
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  2. My Rebuttal of above text: Woolly Thinking: Making Nonsense of the Goan Liberation Movement
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  4. An Indian View of the Goa Question: The UN, Goa & The Soviet Veto
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  6. Also, my Free Goa Pages
Dr. Jose Colaco operates his "The Goan Forum" from the Bahamas, where he resides. Dr. Colaco occupies a very peculiar position on the Goan Question: He acknowledges that Goa was wrongly and illegally encroached upon by the Indian Union, yet he advocates cooperation with India and that Goans collaborate and accept the Occupation as the legitimate Government. He forwards, as his reasons for this peculiar attitude, the pretension that Goa and Goans would not be able to take on the might of India, and would be devastated if it attempted to undo the wrongs inflicted by India upon it.

Colaco typically wriggled out of my challenge, blandly repeating his nostrums. The following are extracts from our last excahnge on the subject, by which I closed my attempt to solicit from him a "honest and frank response":
Whatever the merits and demerits of the Goa action 1961, I believe that:
  1. it is absolutely fruitless in 2003 to talk about Goan Independence.
  2. The vast majority of Goans couldn't be bothered two bits for it.
  3. They are busy all over the world, earning a very decent living for themselves.
just my view

you might find the view hilarious... and you have that right. If you are unable to understand the point being made, there is nothing I can do about that.

Jose Colaco
Your elucidation of your 'pragmatic collaborationism' wiped off the smirk off my face. I do not see that it is funny any longer — just stupid. So extraordinarily stupid that you took my breath away.

It is extraordinary that a people, and I am fully aware that very many Goans see as you do, should become a harlot nation just for a pot of mess, like Esau who sold his birthright for exactly that to his brother Jacob Israel. This is Social Suicide, and social suicide, as much as individual suicide, is immoral.

But what exactly do you 'pragmatic collaborationists' get in exchange for your promiscuity and deliberate burying your heads in the sands? Are you getting peace, prosperity, security? No!

Both you and I am aware that we are being encroached upon and being eroded. And while you 'pragmatic collaborationists' seek to remedy this by begging the robber to throw you some crumbs off his table, of what he has robbed from you, I believe that it is our (and my) moral duty to do nothing less than to vacate the robber and to repossess ourselves and our estates, making ourselves our own masters under God, of our own destiny. This alone is our salvation. Anything else is just a pipedream and an exercise in futility.

However, I am fully aware that telling you all this is useless. You are confirmed in your error.

Therefore, as I have said before, our paths do not coincide. We are two different peoples, two separate nations.

Lúcio Mascarenhas

From its internal evidence, the letter seems authentic — the author is unaware of the 'Anti-Secessionist Oath' imposed by the terrorist-occupation complex, or the 'first' election and 'government' constituted by the infamous terrorist and quisling Bandodcar, (who was later murdered by his own sister, another of the terrorists, Sushila Bandodcar e Cakodcar) or even of the infamous fraud perpetrated, the India-Portugal Treaty by another treacherous Goan, Mario Soares, latter, a "president" of "Portugal". Also, he consistently uses the form UNO, instead of the plain UN, when the UN dropped the O from its name. But even if the letter is a latter forgery, something like Chief Seattle's speech, which is extremely improbable, the letter is still a very valuable document — one that clearly lists the shameless hypocrisy of Mr. Nehru and the utter inexcusability of his acts of robbery perpetrated against our beloved and Christian homeland, Goa.

However, there are quotations from the Sophaster and from Ravindranath Thakur that are further evidence of the Hindu Superiority complex which animates all their actions — the so-called Indian independence movement, the campaign against the Christian outpost of Goa, etc. "I did try", said Gandhi, "to put forth before India the ancient law of voluntary sacrifice, law of suffering. The Rishis, who discovered the law of non-violence, were geniuses taller than Newton. They were greater commanders than Wellington. Having known the use of weapons they had recognized their uselessness. The religion of non-violence is not meant only for the Rishis and Sants. It is meant for the common man too. It is the law of the human species, as violence is the law of brute animals. The spirit has remained dormant in the brute.

"Human dignity demands obedience to a higher law — to the power of the spirit... I want that India should practice this law of Non-violence. I want that India acquire full knowledge of the strength and power of this law.

"India has a soul which cannot perish. This soul can challenge all the material forces of the world... Should India someday not know the value or understand this law, I shall retire to the solitude of the Himalayas." (R. Rolland, Mahatma Gandhi)

"I hope" said Tagore "that this spirit of sacrifice and suffering will gain in strength, for, to achieve this, is an end in itself. This is true liberty. The selfless faith in the moral greatness of man is of far greater value than national wealth or independence. The West has its unshakeable faith in the power of material prosperity, and, therefore however loud maybe the cry for peace and disarmament, the monster of the West yells more fiercely gnashing its teeth and whipping impatiently its tail. The West is like a fish, which when hurt by the rush of the current, makes plans to fly. The idea is brilliant indeed but surely not realizable for a fish. We, in India have to show to the world what that Truth is, that which not only makes possible disarmament, but transforms it into a force. People without weapon will prove to all that moral power is a power stronger than brute force." (Romain Roland)
Let no man mistake this: It is these thoughts that constitute the very foundation of the Indian Union as a state and as a 'nation'.

Let us examine these words: The Rishis were greater geniuses that Newton. This is the same line that the RSS and VHP push out: The mythic and prehistoric 'fathers' of Hinduism were scientific geniuses — they invented what modern thinkers, inventors and scientists like Newton, Edison, the Wright brothers, Einstein, etc., wrought recently in the last few centuries.

India has a soul which cannot perish. This soul can challenge all the material forces of the world... What is the basis of this idiotic hogwash? That India, or for that matter, any nation, country or civilization, has a 'soul'? Or are we to understand, that only India extraordinarily possessed such a 'soul'? And how is this soul imperishable, i.e., immortal?

What is the basis of this idiotic hogwash of moral superiority viz-a-viz the West put forth by Thakur? How is it that the people, society and culture of India is more developed, rational, etc., than that of the West?

What do we make of this 'clever' talk of the West being like a fish that, when troubled, makes plans to fly? Is it that India is different from this behavior, indeed superior?

That is evidently the purport of Thakur's message, for he carries on that, "We, in India have to show to the world what Truth is..."

[For more on the subject of Gandhi & Nehru's hypocrisy, see Experiments in Hypocrisy]
Message 11464 GoanCauses
From: Lúcio Mascarenhas
Date: Wed Mar 19, 2003 10:24 pm
Subject: Dr Bruto da Costa

I would like to ask you, Mr. Agnelo Gomes, not to take umbrage or misunderstand the following questions as being hostile or dismissive of Dr. Bruto's letter: I wish to know the antecedents of Dr. Bruto, where you got this letter, etc.

Lúcio Mascarenhas
Message 11465 GoanCauses
From: Agnelo Gomes
Date: Thu Mar 20, 2003 12:40 am
Subject: Dr Bruto da Costa

Dear Prakash,

I read your webpages with URL's indicated below. You're doing an excellent job, if I may say. Thanks.

To answer your question from where did I receive Dr. A. A. Bruto da Costa's historic letter? I did receive it from the Goan intelligent source - those Niz-Goencars who respect me much that my Patriotic cause is sincere and simply not business oriented. I wish I could disclose that source. Somehow I cannot, as I've given my word. And I don't want any damage done to those who help me from behind.

The document is authentic as I knew Dr. A. A. Bruto da Costa and his two sons very well. Dr. Costa was from Margao, same town I grew up. Dr. Costa was a daring personality - he even at one time threatened the Portuguese Governor-General for his misbehavior.

This historical document educated many youngsters like me then of my age about the authentic existence of my motherland Goa, as an Independent Nation existing by itself before even Bharat Mata or the Indian Union was born on the Indian peninsula.

The contents of this document undermines (the lie) that Goa is an integral part of India by reasoning power put forward by Dr. Bruto da Costa to the invaders like J. Nehru, and V. K. Krishna Menon.

I am confident soon all Goans worldwide will join me and others to liberate Goa from the Indian Occupation and Annexation of 1961, peacefully, through the United Nations Security Council to undo the Veto used by Russia former Soviet Union in 1961, and the blatant rejection hence by the invader J. Nehru to the sovereignty of my beloved motherland Goa.

Agnelo Gomes
When I searched the net for "Dr. Bruto da Costa" I found many Portuguese language sites and two English ones. One of these is dated Aug 23, 1999: DR ALFREDO BRUTO DA COSTA, Portugal's (ex-)minister for Health, Social Welfare and Social Security, is presently on a week-long visit to see his aged mother in Margao. Dr da Costa, who hails from the distinguished Bruto da Costa family in Margao, is also a professor in the Catholic University, Lisbon, where he teaches social policy, poverty and social exclusion. Despite his other preoccupations, Dr da Costa is also the president of the Casa de Goa, which was established in 1987, and has nearly 800 members drawn from a wide section of Goans, Damonese and Diuese. Seeing that the quarters were not sufficient for social activities on a larger scale, Dr Bruto da Costa acquired a more spacious area for the institution through the Municipal Council of Lisbon. His main ambition is to have better cultural links with Goa and Goans everywhere. The second site, also on Goacom, is Here, we have Dr. Alfredo Bruto da Costa, president of the House of Goa (Casa de Goa), a Portuguese cultural organization for Goans, the guest of a dinner hosted by the City of Lisbon Foundation.

Apparently, it seems that this Dr. Alfredo is not the same person who wrote this letter, but is probably the author's son or some other succeeding generation relative.

©Lúcio Mascarenhas
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