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Are you tired of searching endlessly on the internet for 80's Hard Rock tabs and getting the runaround?, I know I am! The purpose for this site is to serve people all their favourite tabs in ONE PLACE, not 5 tabs here, then go to another site,and here's 1 or 2 tabs, and so on, I plan on getting all the best bands, and even the obscure bands, and mixing it up, and having a great archive of POWERTABS all in one place, so I hope you all enjoy it. Don't worry if all the tabs aren't up yet because I plan on working on it quite a bit and putting up new tabs every few days or whenever possible, so be on the lookout for updates.

If You Have a Request for a tab, Please visit and view the REQUEST page using the above link before emailing us with your requests. Thank You!

Jan 1, 09-Updates of Poison's Livin' For The Minute, and Winger's Battle Stations (Bassline added).
Dec 28, 08
-3 New Tabs Added. Rough version of Winger's Battle Stations, Bassline will be added soon, and Winger's Hell To Pay. Also a rough version of Poison's Livin' For The Minute.
Dec 27, 08
-1 New Tab Added. Warrant's Mr. Rainmaker (Bassline) Added. More Warrant Basslines to come.
Dec 2, 08
-2 New Tabs Added. L.A. Guns's Sex Action & One More Reason from their Self Titled Debut (Guitar Only). Thanks to George for those.
Oct 31, 08
-1 New Tab Added, The long requested Cinderella tune Bad Seamstress Blues/Comin' Apart At The Seams. So to anyone who requested. I hadn't forgotten about ya, and it's finally uploaded, and finished. I didn't bother adding the chord names or anything, but who cares. Enjoy for now.
Oct 25, 08
-3 New Tabs Added. Poison's Theatre Of The Soul, Shotgun Messiah's Bop City (Thanks To Zwilling 99 again for this and the XYZ one.), and XYZ's A Roll Of The Dice. So go check em out.
Oct 14, 08
-1 New Shotgun Messiah Tab added. Shout It Out (With Bassline) from their Self Titled Debut. Thanks again to Zwilling99 for that.
Oct 9, 08
-3 New Shotgun Messiah Tabs added. Nervous and Don't Care 'Bout Nothin' from their self titled Debut cd, and Track 7 Trouble from their Second Coming cd. So check those out, and all contain basslines. So Enjoy for now. And thanks again to Zwilling99 for those.
Oct 4, 08
-The New Shotgun Messiah page is up. All the tabs from their second disc is on there except Track 7, which should be coming soon, as well as the first album. So check back in a bit. Thanks to Zwilling99 for those tabs.
Sep 14, 08
-2 New updates to the Ratt Page. I updated, and added 2 basslines to 2 songs. Don't Bite The Hand That Feeds, and Bottom Line.
Sep 4/7, 08
-8 New Ratt Tabs added, thanks to Chad for those. She Wants Money, Dangerous (But Worth The Risk), One Good Lover, Don't Bite The Hand That Feeds, Chain Reaction, Bottom Line, and What's It Gonna Be. I also added The Morning After from the Out Of The Cellar cd. So go to the Ratt page to check those out.
Sep 1, 08
-1 New Tab Added. Tesla's Cry from their Bust A Nut cd. Gonna work on the rest of the Bust A Nut album, and try to get it up within the next few weeks, time permitting. So be on the lookout for those.
Aug 30, 08
-2 Tab Edits on the Tesla Page. I added the basslines to the final 2 songs from Tesla's Mechanical Resonance cd, so the album is finally complete with all guitar and basslines. Now to finish Bust A Nut! lol Which will hopefully be next....
Aug 17, 08
-Trixter's Self Titled debut album added by request. So go check that out on the Trixter page.
Apr 17, 08
-2 More Skid Row Tabs added. Remains To Be Seen and Face Against My Soul with Bass. Thanks To Yunkel for those. The Subhuman Race album is now finished.
Apr 7, 08
-A few new Skid Row Tabs added. Eileen, Subhuman Race, Into Another, Medicine Jar and Iron Will. So check those out on the Skid Row page. Thanks to Yunkel for those.
Mar 4/6, 2008
-3 New Tabs Added. Firehouse's You're Too Bad, Life In The Real World & The Meaning Of Love.
Feb 27/29, 2008
-2 New Tab added. Firehouse's Mama Didn't Raise No Fool and Talk Of The Town. Basslines coming soon.
Jan 29, 2008
-I updated 2 Tesla tabs, and added the basslines to them. Cover Queen, and Love Me. So check those out on the Tesla page.

For those who don't already know, the site www.justpowertabs.com closed a while back,
so now I will be contributing mainly to this site
as well as www.powertabs.net

-SheriffOniBob (Tabber and partial Webmaster

       ***Other News**
If you would like to contribute tabs (scans or Powertabs) to this site, get a hold of MajorMouth69 over at the forum at www.justpowertabs.com and he'll take the tabs from you and tab em out into powertab format. You will receive a thank you message for contributing it on the page of the band who's tab you contributed. We're interested in mostly HARD TO FIND hair bands from the 80's, and hard to find songs, such as either rare tab books, rare bonus tracks, or just rare bands. We will accept powertabs for any band that may not have a tab book that was tabbed by anyone, as long as it isn't too sloppy. We're not as picky as the Powertab Archive, but it has to be checked for errors, and the score polisher must be used, as well as the rehearsal signs and all that. To see the list of bands we're interested in
CLICK HERE. The list isn't complete yet, but most of the bands I could remember are there. It will be updated soon.

***Also, if you don't have any tabs to contribute, but are good at copying/tabbing with Powertab, but still want to contribute to the site, you can get a hold of Me
(Sheriff) at [email protected], and I can hook you up with scans of the songs We (Sheriff, Dizzy & The Rest Of The Powertab Dungeon Staff) want tabbed***


To visit the
SPECIAL THANKS page, for an ongoing list of those who make this site possible, check on the link above. And if you plan on contributing tabs, you too can be added to the list. So check out the ongoing list of cool people who have added tabs to this site, and have made it grow.

Also, now online is an FAQ page for people to check out, it contains a few questions that I get asked on a regular basis, so check that out before emailing me about things, cuz maybe your question will be answered there and you won't have to waste your time emailing me. Thanks

For any unfinished powertabs you wanna check out or maybe anyone wants to work on and try to figure out click below on the Unfinished Powertabs link.


-The Dungeon Webmaster
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