This page is going to be for any unfinished powertabs that any of you want to contribute or help with as well as unfinished tabs that our main tabber SheriffOniBob is having trouble with, or doesn't have time to work on.
If you want to just download em and see how to play an intro or anything then go for it, but if you wanna help out with some of it you're welcome to that too.
This page will be updated pretty frequently I think because SheriffOniBob starts new tabs all the time, and doesn't finish them. So if you want to get a hold of SheriffOniBob you can email him at
[email protected].  Later and keep rockin!

-The Webmaster (Dizzy Gillespie)

Unfinished Songs List
Brother Cane-That Don't Satisfy Me (Most Riffs)
Brother Cane-Got No Shame (Some Riffs)
Brother Cane-Hard Act To Follow (Intro)
Brother Cane-And Fools Shine On (Riffs)
Danger Danger-One Step From Paradise (Intro)
Danger Danger-Feels Like Love (Bass & Parial Riffs)
Danger Danger-Everybody Wants Some (Riffs)
Danger Danger-Helicopter (Partial Riffs)
Danger Danger-Coming Home '98 (Acoustic, Bass & Partial Lead Licks)
Hardline - Takin' Me Down **Thanks To SheriffOniBob**
Hardline - Bad Taste **Thanks To Loaded Mutha** *Updated*
Hardline - 3191 (Acoustic) **Thanks to Loaded Mutha**
The Hunzz w/Joan Jett-Rabbit's Got The Gun
Pretty Boy Floyd-I Wanna Be With You
Roxy Blue-Nobody Knows (Unfinished/No Solo)
Roxy Blue-Nobody Knows (With rough Solo & Out Of Sync Riffs on solo)
Saigon Kick-Suzy (Bassline)
Saigon Kick-Colors
Saigon Kick-Love Of God (Bassline)
Saigon Kick-I.C.U (Intro/Verse/Chorus)
Saigon Kick-One Step Closer-Intro/Verse/Bass
Slik Toxik-HelluvaTime (Intro)
Slik Toxik-Sweet Asylum (Intro)
Sven Gali-Under The Influence *New*
Tesla-Caught In A Dream
Tesla-Last Action Hero
Tuff-I Hate Kissing You Goodbye (Main Riffs)
Ugly Kid Joe-Intro (Riffs & Most of leads) *New*
Wildside-How Many Lies (Intro)
Wildside-Clock Strikes (Intro Riff & Lead Fill)
XYZ-Don't Say No (Some Riffs)
XYZ-Shake Down The Walls (Intro)
XYZ-Feels Good (Intro)
XYZ-Highlife (Bonus Track) (Some Riffs)
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