Megan Follows

Actress  of  “Anne of Green Gables”

       Actriz de “Ana de las Tejas Verdes”

 Actrice de   “Anne... La Maison aux Pignons Verts”

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In this section of the page you will be able to see in brief dates, all concerning the  Megan Follows biography, Canadian actress born the March 14,  1968, in  Toronto city, daughter of parents actors. Popularly well-known by its Anne Shirley paper, a orphan welcomed by a pair of old which they are brothers and whose history is related in the television series "Anne of Green Gables”, but Megan Follows also is interprets, with great success, of numerous theater and other many films and telemovies, also will be spoken with detail of those great works.

Megan Follows Photo

This biography section was created on Friday,  January 9,  2004,    in Spain.


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