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The Brixham Pomeroy Family

Thomas Pomeroy of Bingley 1546-1615 who married Honor Rolle. 

Powley suggested Bingley might be Beenleigh in Harberton which is very close by Totnes. The ancient parish of
Brixham ,where Thomas was buried, in  the Haytor Hundred, which came within the Archdeaconry of Totnes and the Diocese of Exeter.

An argument FOR Beenliegh:-
Beenleigh, or Bendley, in Diptford parish and Stanborough hundred.
Some odds and ends referring to Beenleigh near Harberton.
Harberton  and Ditford are at 2 or 3 miles distance from each other
Diptford parish includes Ashwell ,Beenleigh, or Bendley, Crabadon, or Craberton
Curtisknowle ,Diptford ,Farleigh (d)  Horner (e) Lapland (e) Tennaton (e) Wagland (e)

Maps of Harberton
On the
present day map Beenleigh  can be seen between Murtwell and Thorn Farm  close to West Leigh .
Greenwoods 1825 map has, at the same place,close by West Leigh, Bilney, on the map of circa 1883  that  name appears to have changed to Bough Park.
There is also a Beenleigh near to Harbertonford, still in the same parish.

Harberton Village website
A recent Harberton parish meeting shows that the Manor of Beenliegh survives in some form.
Minutes of Harberton Parish Council meeting held on Tuesday 14 November 2000 at 7.30pm at Harbertonford Primary School.
includes Decisions between meetings
Beenleigh Manor, Harbertonford. Consultation over woodland grant scheme. No objections in principle.

other local information

Sharpham Vineyard
Nearby is Sharpham House, which dates from 1770. As well as vinfying the wines grown on the estate, the winery also makes the highly acclaimed Beenleigh Red, a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot grown under cloches at Beenleigh Manor,

Beenleigh Manor,
Harbertonford, Totnes,

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