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L3Lab Displaying the generated Torus.
L3 Lab

L3Lab Displaying the generated Torus with C-lines References turned on.
L3 Lab

Ldraw Primitive Generator

This program creates most all the LDraw primitive types in any segment level 1/16 to 16/16, 1/48 to 48/48, and custom/custom.

It is not complete, however I would say it is about 90+% there..

POV code is available for Torus files only. This will probably be removed when L3p supports Torus files.

Zerobase.dat and point.dat files are included for additional viewing options. Place them in your Models or P directory. (See L3lab image below)

This program is still in the development stage, any emails about errors would be helpful.
[[email protected]]
(remove the capitol letters to email me)

Here is the current file.
Prim-Gen.zip (70kb)
(July 04, 2003)
(June 22, 2004)

If you are missing the richtx32.ocx or the comdlg32.ocx file, download this zip file. Please be sure to back up your files before using these.
Richtext.zip (155kb)
(August 17, 2003)

If you need the Visual Basic Runtime modules, you will need to download them from Microsoft.com downloads section, search for Visual Basic runtime. It should be approx. 1mb.
(August 19, 2003)

Check the History.txt file here to check version and updates.

Prim-Gen - Visual Basic 6.0 execuable



Normal Resolution 16pt.

Pictures clipped from

(sept. 27, 2000)

Ok, here is a few quick shots of the torus's that I have created. My spreadsheet only creates a 1/8 torus section using existing 1-4cyli, 1-4cyls, 1-4cyl2 dat files.

Normal Resolution 16pt.

Pictures clipped from
L3 Lab.

High Resolution 48pt.

Pictures clipped from

High Resolution 48pt

Pictures clipped from
L3 Lab


Pictures clipped from
L3 Lab

t04q0625.dat used in spring 519.dat & 519o.dat
Rendered with POV(Persistence Of Vision)

There has been some discussion of the torus primitives on the Lugnet site. I believe the way we are going to handle these are by establishing ALL torii will have a Major diameter of 1(one) LDU, with the tube radius changing.
(The tube radius should never be over 0.9999 ldu.)

The Blue circles in the pictures are the Major radius and the Red circles are the Tube radius.

(Torus pieces shown in transparent blue are for reference only.)

May 6, 2001
Filename format so far looks like;
(It may still change some.)
t stands for Torus
NN = sweep, number of segments 04=4/16 or 4/48. (1/4 shown)
x = "i"(inside),"o"(outside), "q"(quarter?{i,-i,o,-o})
FFFF = Size of the Tube Radius(Red rings)
Ex: 3333 = 0.3333(1/3), 5000 = 0.5(1/2)

Here is a list of suggested files to be generated. Most of them are fractions such as:
1/10(.1000), 1/9(.1111), 1/8(.1250), 1/7(.1429), 1/6(.1667), 1/5(.2000), 2/9(.2222), 1/4(.2500), 2/7(.2857), 3/10(.3000), 1/3(.3333), 3/8(.3750), 2/5(.4000), 3/7(.4286), 4/9(.4444), 1/2(.5000), etc.


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