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Here are some models that we(my family and I) have created from ACTUAL built models. (We use Michael Lachman's MLcad for creating models) Then the files are rendered using Lars C. Hassing's L3p and POV(Persistence Of Vision). Rendering makes the pictures have a realistic look.


Paul's models;  
This one is from the Insectoid set 6919
This one is from set 6939

This shuttle was modeled after one I saw on somebody elses site.
Sorry, I do not remember who.

Click on this picture to see it larger.
Click on this picture to see it larger.
Maybe some day soon, I will re-create this ship in a LDraw format. ----->
A new inspiration hit me....
We built several versions.
03-13-01 - space? dropship?
07-03-01 movable wing jet fighter
Click on this picture to see it larger.


Michel's models (Paul's 1st son - age 9)  
This a car out of a Lego set, It is missing the logo on the front hood.


Brian's models (Paul's 2'nd son - age 7)  



Angela's models (Paul's 1'st daughter - age 3) 11-21-00


Ok, so I helped them just a little bit...
Have fun,


Click on the picture below to see the parts page.


[see my "planned" page]

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