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Roses are Red - a series

Benny's Bouquet (16k) - My first piece, written while I was on Stratford for Hamlet.
Ray's Roses (14k) - What I  thought was a natural sequel

Ride Forever - a trilogy

Riding a Horse (19k)-  Ray takes Benny to horse-riding practice.
Riding the Riv (11k) -  Ray takes a ride in the Riv.
Riding On (20k) - Benny and Ray just ride.
Actually, the trilogy has been engrossed by a fourth story.
The Goodwill Parade. (21k)

  Valentine Stories 2002

A dozen roses (4k) - Ray rushes to give Benny a Valentine' bouquet.
Geography (12k) - Ray and Benny find how instructive Valentine can be.
Valentine Talk (5k) - Benny and Ray open their hearts at Valentine's.

           Stand Alones

Available Light (63k) - Ray of Light illuminates Lonely Benny
More than Friends (52k) - Benny find a friend and more in Frannie. AWARD WINNER
Tradition (7K) - Benny and Ray have a hard time following certain traditions
A Very Drunk Leprechaun (96k) - Ray's troubles begin when he meets a drunk leprechaun in Chicago.
A day in the park (4K) - When Baby Ray meets Baby Benny (AU)
Fever Talk (33k) - Benny is ill, Ray plays nurse
Hi, God. It's me, Ray (10k) - A short piece, not much more than a prayer from a Catholic Italian cop in need of guidance.
A Lousy Date (36k) - Ray's date turns sour, and in doing so, it turns good.
Fantasies (15k) - Inspired by a news article, Ben and Ray discuss some fantasies.
Springtime (3k) - A small snapshot done on the first day of spring.
Kindly (22K) - The kindess you give can get right back atchya.
Morning Glory (4k) - A man has reasons to wake up.
Lonely Nights (5k) - Benny misses Ray.

Halloween Candy (10k) - Guess who has a very special sweet tooth?

Christmas Stories
A letter to Santa (4k) - for the Christmas of 2001
Christmas gift (23k) - Magic in a very special Christmas
Magic of Christmas (18k) - A Christmas that turns out not quite as expected
Spicy stories!
Hello and welcome to my revamped fic page. I hope you like the changes.
I think you might like to know that I decide to organise my stories in two pages. One for the vanilla stories (NC-17 as they are) and the other page for stories with situations some people may find disturbing, heavy or just plainly kinky. I decided to call it The Not-So-Vanilla Pattern, and you might want to check it out. All stories, either from this page or that page, though, link back to The Fiction Pattern, so nobody gets lost. A pattern is a pattern, after all! :-)

So sit back, relax and enjoy the Pita Pattern!

Valentine Snippets

Why love Ray Vecchio (9k) - Ray has doubts, people.
Benny by Starlight (12k) - The boys celebrate Valentine's. And it's PG- rated!
The February 15th gift (16k) - Benny gives Ray a post-Valentine gift  from the stars.
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