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It is widely thought that Clive Sinclair created the home computer market of the early 1980s in the UK. This page contains information relating to his influential machines, and links to other sites.

The Sinclair Story The Story of Sinclair Computers
An essay discussing the strengths and failings of the range of Sinclair computers and why such an apparently successful business foundered.
(approx 480K with images)
More Sinclair Articles

Other Sinclair Research Articles

Interview with Clive Sinclair, November 1982
Sinclair describes the current UK computer business and possible future Sinclair Research products, including the Microdrive, a portable Spectrum, and what was to become the ICL One-Per-Desk.

Interview with Nigel Searle, December 1982
The head of Sinclair's computer division predicts what personal computers might be like in the year 2000.

Interview with Sir Clive Sinclair, February 1985
Sir Clive discusses the state of the Sinclair computer market and his views on UK society.

The Sinclair C5 electric 'car'
The concept and design of what Clive Sinclair in 1985 considered to be the future of personal transport.

ZX-80 Manual The ZX-80 Operating Manual in HTML format.
Useful if you want to run a ZX-80 emulator (see below).
(approx 270K)
ZX80 keyboard

ZX81 keyboard

Spectrum keyboard
Drawings of the ZX80 , ZX81 and ZX Spectrum keyboards in GIF format. (Handy when running emulators.)

The three drawings are also available in RISC OS Drawfile format as this zip file (use !SparkPlug to decompress and set filetype to &AFF)
Link to Planet Sinclair Link to Planet Sinclair which has an excellent history of the Sinclair empire, including calculators, pocket televisions and audio products as well as computers.
Link to ZX emulator Link to a ZX80/ZX81 emulator written by Paul Robson. Runs in a window under Windows.

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