The larger pictures here might take sometime to be downloaded.. Please wait patiently.They are in their original sizes.Left click on your mouse button on the description links here to view them.

1.Brown print of Peter contemplating while in bed (54.9KB) gCourtesy of Lise

2.Promotional single of 'Mysterious Girl' (Blue cover) (135KB)

3.Peter sitting down on a box (53.1KB) gCourtesy of Lise

4.Peter & his 6-pack washboard stomach on display (22.5KB) g Courtesy of Lisa

5.Peter standing up with face looking down while wearing a wicked blue suit (8.21KB)

6.Peter on vacation in Bahrain during July 1998 (36.2KB)

7.Peter & his well-defined muscular body (99.6KB)

8.Peter featured in BIG! magazine (36.2KB)

"There's no point in having great muscles if you don't have a tan to show yourself off."
--Peter Andre

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