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Frequently Asked Questions for the five Invisible Women clubs on Yahoo!


(Copyright 2000 Paul Ingerson)

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  1. About this FAQ
    a) What is the purpose of this FAQ?
    b) Where can I find this FAQ?
    c) How can I suggest changes and additions to the FAQ?

  2. The clubs
    a) Where can I find the clubs, and who runs them?
    b) What is the main topic of the clubs?
    c) But why would anyone be interested in invisible women?
    d) I am interested in invisible women, how can I join the clubs?
    e) Can I submit pictures with adult material to the clubs?
    f) What does the abbreviation "FI" stand for?
    g) What other abbreviations do you use?

  3. FIs in the clubs
    a) Are there any invisible women members in the clubs?
    b) Can I join in and pretend to be an invisible woman too?
    c) I'm a real invisible woman, can I join the clubs?

  4. Other on-line resources
    a) Are there any other Yahoo! clubs dealing with similar subjects?
    b) Are there any on-line FI clubs which aren't part of Yahoo?
    c) What websites would you recommend about invisible women?
    d) And what websites don't you recommend?

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