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Fullblood, Purebred & Percentage Boer Goats and Nubians in SW Wyoming!
The O-Y-Knot Gang
The O-Y-Knot gang has been quietly hiding out in the small town of Bear River, Wyoming nestled in a small valley near the Utah and Idaho borders. They began as a small group of nubian and percentage does who had been bred to have  a splash of kiko and boer in them in order to produce hardy gals with strong immune systems who could thrive in a harsh enviroment and still produce plenty of milk and great kids.
Time passed and the gals  decided to rustle up some fine boer stock to join their herd. They searched the countryside high and low and then found the genetics and bloodlines they were looking for in their future herdsires in California (Aguirre Boers) and Colorado (LG Boers). They quickly rounded up their new herdsires and brought them home. They next went in search of boer does whose bloodlines and characteristics would compliment their new bucks genetics to produce top quality kids. They found just the kind of gals they were looking for in Washington (Leaning Tree Farms & Capriole Boers), Utah (Myers & Vea  Boer Goats), Nebraska (Uphoff's Boer Goats) and Colorado (LG Boers & Valley Boers) and even some as far off as Big Ol' Texas. They lassoed up the lovely lasses they had found  and herded  them home to Wyoming to join the family and now are busy producing top quality traditional, red, black, paint and dapple boer goats along with nubian and nubian cross goats for show, meat & milk and breed stock.
Where Producing Great Goats is more than just the roll of the dice
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