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L.J. & Carolyn
Evanston Wyoming
Calamity Jane
Out of a Tarz-N-Pipes* daughter and LRB Hobenero* son with Eggsonerate*, Mbili SA*, Tarzan T66, Eggs Chunk and more
Princess Di
Has Dow Pipeline*, LRB Hobenero*, Downen Texas Treasure, Eggsonerate* and  Mbili SA* in her 3 generation pedigree
Miss Classic Splash
Goes back to Eggsfile* and has top breeders behind her like Norman Kohls, Marvin Shurley and Ash Creek.
Dollys Diamond
Maul genetics top and bottom along with Maul Xtender*, Eggsfile, Ash Creek Big Easy*, EggsRyals Magnum* and FSE genetics
Capriole breeding on her bottom with DSM Snuffy*, S2 Galileo* and NasDaq* on the top of her 3 generation pedigree.
7's Promise
Downen Hustler*, Capriole's J. Obsession, Kal's Impact*, Magnum Force*, Magnum Jan*, Jurie and Capriole's F. Dynamo
Roulettes Marshmallow
2Dox Amigo*, FSE Aflac*, FSE JoJo on top and Maul genetics on the bottom. Marshmallow is a percentage doe but one of our faves and throws great kids
Roulettes Ricochet
Percentage doe, half sis to Marshmallow has Maul breeding top and bottom along with Eggsfile* and Tsjaka* on her ped. Ricochet throws fantastic kids, her doeling this year was Overall Grand Champ breeding doe at our fair.
Suezy Q
Raff and DSM genetics.
We tried to sell Suezy but no one was interested and boy are we glad! Her 2 boys won Overall Grand and Reserve Market Wether at our fair this year.
O Y Knot's Frosty
Out of Princess Di and Loverboy
Frosty will be used in our wether program for early 2010 club wethers. With her style and the genetics she has behind her we expect some exceptional kids to hit the ground. 
Genetics include 2Dox Amigo*, FSE Aflac*, Blue Chip*, Sumo*, Precious Perfect*, Eggsonerate*, Mbili SA*, Dow Pipeline*, LRB Hobenero* and more.
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