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Financial Outlook
Geology Field Trip Report   Taught by John Lawes at Portland Community College
Teachers Should Not Be the Only One to Grade
Joan Baez
Resocialization of Prison Inmates
Welfare Reform
My Geology class went on a field trip on October 20, 2002.  We went to several different geological sites around the Portland area.  Portland has more geological history that I ever thought possible.
This is my paper for my Writing 123 class.  While doing the research for this paper, I finally decided what I wanted to do with all the education that I am getting.  This is the longest paper that I have included on my web site.
This is a paper that I did on one of my favorite singers.  I wrote this paper for my History of Rock and Roll Class.
This paper was written for my Writng 122 class.  I was taking a speech class at the same time, so this paper served a dual purpose.
I wrote this paper for a Sociology class that I took.  I do beleive that anyone who commits a crime should be punished, but I do not think that these former prisoners should just be dumped back on the streets without the ability to be a productive member of society.
I wrote this paper for a Sociology class that I took.  This paper served more than one purpose.  When I was researching this paper, especially on the Internet, I was astonished at the way that history has been revised.
I wrote this paper for my Writing 121 class.  I wrote this paper in early 2002, before the United States government admitted that we were definately in a recession and before the new Welfare Reform Act was passed in the fall of 2002
June 17, 2004 - I have graduated from Portland Community College.  Eventhough I had planned on taking the summer off to celebrate this accomplishment, I am taking two classes this summer.

March 19, 2004 - I have done some updating.  I have added some more recent projects.  I am now preparing for my final quarter at Portland Community College.  In the fall, I will be transfering to Portland State University.  I will probably have to create a new page to put those projects on.  Enjoy, Marie

I hope that you enjoy these papers or projects.  While I did ultimately decide to publish them on my website, I do not intend for these papers to represent anything other than how I viewed the topics at the time that I wrote them.  That is why I left in the date that I wrote them. Although, I feel like each of these represents a part of myself, I am an evolving person with views and perspectives that are constantly changing.

If you would like to discuss any of these topics you can feel free to contact me, either through e-mail or on Yahoo Messenger.  My Yahoo ID is oddsygirl.  I have included a link to my e-mail address below. 
State Public Expenditures
This is a report that I did with my statistics teammates.  This is for Statistics I.  For this project we were given data sets.
Geology Fall 2002Field Trip Report
Geology Winter 2003 Field Trip Report
Winter 2003, we were studying land formations and different types of land movements.  This includes landslides.  We spent the day seeing different types of landslides and discussing evidence of past landslides.
Geology Spring 2003 Field Trip Report
Ah, the final term of Geology.  This term the subject is historical geology.  That means that we looked at the birth of Earth and forward.  I have never seen so many pictures of fossils.  It was nice to see some fossils in person.
Child Births
Ok, here is the promised Statistics II report.  I was lucky to have the same team members for the second term as I had for the first term.  This time we were directed to find our own data to analyze
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