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HillBilly Terms

'At - that
Addled - confused
Afar - something is on fire
Ah heard that - I agree
Ahr - possessive noun (our)
Aim to - intends to
Ain't - are not, am not
Ain't got no - Don't have any
Air - Not just the stuff we breathe, but also stands for 'our' and 'hour'
Air ya go--There you go
Amerikin - American
Am - I am
Arncha - Aren't you
Ary - not
any - "Not nary a one"
Awfullest - the worst
Badmouth - to talk bad about
Buck nekit - completely nude
Bag - Beg
Bar - Bear
Baws - employer
Biggeren - bigger than
Brung - Brought
Byganny goes - To stress a point
Cawse - because
Chunk - to throw
Clone - perfume, good smelling stuff
Cornin' ware-corn husks
Contrary - stubborn or opposite... "Contrary to your story"
Counter warps - canned biscuits ("you gotta warp 'em on the counter top to open 'em.)
Crik - Creek
Cuz - Cousin or because
Daints - dance
Dawg - dog
Didja - Did you
Doodley-squat - doesn't amount to much
Drank - a drink
Dreckly - Directly
Diduhnit - Didn't it
Dope - Carbonated drink
Eetch - itch
Er - or
Err - ear
Ersoften - Every so often
Feesh - fish
Fer - far or for
Fer piece - Distant
Fetchin' - attractive, very becoming
Fixin' - Getting ready to
Foolin' 'round - nothing to do with sex - just goofin' off
Furner - Foreigner
Gonna - Going to
Got a good notion - statement of intent
Git - Get
Gimmie - give me
Gitcha - get you
Goodin' - good on
Grain of sense - degree of intelligence
Hawg - hog or motorcycyle
Haint - Haunt or ghost
Herikin - hurricane
Hidee - Hello
higher'n a kite- drunk
His cornbread ain't done - meaning he is a little 'touched', you know, in the head.
Hissy - temper tantrum
Hitch - cramp or lameness (hitch in your gitalong)
Hush your mouth - -pleased embarrassment
idear - idea
Ill - disagreeable, (He has an ill temper)
I'll swanee - I swear
Iont - I don't
Juice - Electricity
Kain't - Cannot
Kin - related
Klect - to receive money owed to you
Lans-sake - Exclamation
Larapin - tasty
Lawdy - Exclamation
Layin' up - restin' your tired bones
Let alone - much less (He can't afford his rent, let alone a car
Let out - dismissed... "School is let out for the day"
Lick and a promise - do a job hurriedly
Lickered up - drunk
Lightning bug - firefly
Litluns - little ones as in younguns
Lookie - Look at this
Matoes - Tomatoes
medsin - medicine
Mess - a person who jokes around or a portion of food, such as a "mess of greens"
Mind to - intends to do something... "I've got a mind to tell on you"
Minnit - Minute
Moaning - start of the day... morning
Muddy water - coffee
Naa - no
Nemmine - nevermind, don't bother
Nut huh - No way!
Nuttin' - nothing
Oer yonner - Over there
Of a moanin' - morning
Ohnt no--I don't know
Oughter do - should do
Ownliest - the only one
Painter - Panther
Persnickety - prissy acting,being petulant
Pert - perky or near... "Pert near dinner time"
Pichur - Pitcher or picture
Pick at - to tease someone
Piece goods - material ,sewing material for garment
Playin' Possum - faking, pretending (a possum will fall over like it's dead when cornered.)
Poke - Polk salad or paper bag
Pop - Sodas of any kind
Pon - Upon
Privy - Outdoor toilet
Punkin - pumpkin
Purt nigh - nearly... "it's purt nigh time to go"
Quair - strange, odd... "That guy sure acts quair"
Ranch - a tool, wrench
Receipt - recipe
Restrunt - restaurant
Retard - no longer employed
Retched down - reached down
Rilly - Really
Satchel bag - purse,or suitcase
Shainteer - absence of female... "She ain't here"
Shindig - a dance or celebration
Shine - Moonshine (liquor)
Shore - Sure
Shucky dern - exclamation
Southern Samsonite - paper bag or cardboard box to carry clothes
Spell - period of time
Stain - opposite of leaving... Are you stain' for supper?
Sumpin' - something... Sumpins goin' on
Take on - act in an emotional manner
Tal - towel
Taters - potatoes
Tater trap - mouth
Tawt - to teach, instruct
Teched - touched... rhymes with "fetched"
Thank - think
That old dawg don't hunt no more - that will not work
Toe-sayin' goes - The old saying goes
Tonic - Another term for moonshine
Tore up - upset, emotional
Trade - To go shopping
Unbeknownst - lacking knowledge of, unaware of
Usta - used to
Vaymuch - very much... "I don't like this vaymuch"
Vittles - food
Wars - wire that carries power , like telephone "wars"
"watta" - water
Whatsit - what is it
Wear Out - to spank a little kid who is pushing their luck
Wender - a pane of glass to look out of... Wender panes
Werr a going - we are going
Whilst - while,meanwhile
worsh - wash
wrench - rinse
Ya'll - You, all of you, everyone
Yonder - There
Yontto - Do you want to
Yungins - also spelled younguns, meaning young ones, children
Zit - Is it'

My name is Norma. I'm married to Lionel. We have 5 kids - Taryn, Sarah, Robyn, Wendy and Peter, and one grandchild, Tony. At the moment, I am teaching French and Home Economics at a Christian School. I also enjoy writing, reading, facilitating Christian study groups, exercise, gardening, playing guitar, and a multitude of other interests.

I hope you will find some stimulating ideas here, and I'd love to hear your reactions and thoughts too... leave a note in the Guest Book, or email me.

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