This is not all that I have and of the following articles not one is my own. I am just trying to be a facilitator in sharing of Knowledge and help you reduce your organizations financial expenditure on training.

The Five Ss


Staff Development


Rorschach tests




Questionnaires on employee engagement


Gap Analysis


Basic elements of Organising


Control Charts


My Project with WNS


Balridge Standards

This is Sample Design for Balance Scorecard Software

Seven Habits of highly Effective People (Part-1)

Seven Habits of highly Effective People (Part-2)

Assessment Centre

Recruitment Strategies

Essay Method Performance Appraisal

Scientific Management

HR Return on Investment

HR Score Card

Introduction to Performance Appraisal System

KM Implementation


Realistic Job Review

Alternative Job Review

Recruitment, Selection and Assessment

Recruitment and Selection (Part2)

SAP Balance Scorecard

Filling of Vacancies in the Organization with Strategic Perspective.

Book Review- Think and Grow Rich

Scientific Management

Improve your Team

Training Groups

CMM- History

CMM Ten Crucial Aspects

Corporate Governance in India

Knowledge Management- Quality Initiatives

e-analysis of your web (B2B)

Book Review Good to Great (Part 1)

Book Review Good to Great (Part 2)

Best HR initiatives

Kaplan Views

Kaplan Lectures

Know Liberalization

National Cultures

Built Trust & Pride in your Organization

NLP at its Best

Why HR

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