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Dear Online Journal,

Well, what do i talk about tonight?  Well, for the first time in months, i am actually tired, and ready to go to bed.  it is only 11pm, but already i am exhausted, and ready to go to sleep, so when i'm finished here, i will take my happy self to bed.  Today seemed kind of incomplete. I don't know what i expected it to be like.  I found out what my "job" is basically for the CACC, when i attend their  State Staff School.  I wont say, but i think that it will be lots of fun.  I will probably have lots of homework though from college, so that probably wont be very fun! I have a test in my psych 101 class on the thursday after, so i suppose i will study while "chaperoning" on the way there and home.  Anyways, not really a whole lot to say tonight. I am going to modify my homepage so that you can just go to a certain entry rather than having to go through every single entry just to read the new one.  Okay, well better do that now so that i don't forget!  Here are some quotes i came across that i thought were pretty cool! :
           "When angry, count to four, when very angry,  swear." - Mark Twain'
           "A telephone survey says that  51% of college students drink until they pass               out, at least once a month,. The other 49% didn't answer the phone."
                                            -  Craig Kilborn

        -The Turtle

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