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Dear Online Journal,
  Okay, today was very interesting!!! My friend spent the night, and she snored!!! haha! and i went to my other friends bridal shower.  that was  pretty cool! i want people to buy me lingerie. lol... anyways, after the bridal shower, i came home and had to clean my room! you know i never do that! hahahaha.anyways,  i went to some concert thing tonight too.  that was lots of fun!  Rock music KICKS ASS!!!!  lol. yeah so, i had fun, but i didn't get to talk to Hercules!!! :( lol.  i miss you Hercules!! lol.  well i called my friend Goofy last night and today, wasn't a very good conversation, apparently it is entirely my fault that no one calls me anymore.  Ok whatever! They have phones, and i know that they know how to use them!!! anyways i should go, i have to get up early!! ok will write more tomorrow night!!!!!

-The Turtle!!!!

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