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Dear Online Journal,

Well today was kinda weird.  I didn't do much, and to tell you the truth, it was fairly boring.  Let's see, i was rude to my friend Oreo or arab monkey, or whatever he is calling himself these days, when he text me this morning, after replying when i finally had decided to drag my happy self out of bed at 11am i think it was.  That's pretty understandable though since i was up until 3am working on this website right?  Anyways, i froze my backside off (well nevermind, it's still there) while in my Psych 101 class, then waiting for my ride home!  Ugh pain in the rear that is!!!! I need my own car!!!!  Anyways, i didn't get online tonight in time to talk to my friends who were online, well there is only one that really talks to me everytime he's on, and he makes sure that he at least says hi! (Mr. Hercules!  You know, I think that will be your nickname that i refer to you as! haha  hope you like the name you picked! hehe)  Yeah last night he and i were both in a good mood, which was in turn kind of scary!  Moving on, today seemed mainly like a big waste of time, the only thing that i really did that was somewhat important/productive, to me at least, was shower, eat, brush my teeth, and paint my nails (oh boy!!!  *Sarcasm*)  So, as you can see, there wasn't much point in today, tomorrow should be better though, i am going to some kick off party with my friend Catwoman, and i think Batman is going too!  That will be pretty cool, the three of us together, it's a shame the Riddler can't go!  Would have been lots of fun!  Oh well, Robin here will have to make sure that lots of fun happens!  Ugh anyways,  i think i might just save and publish this so that i don't further embarass myself, oh, if Goofy, or Diva is reading this, i do have a phone you know!   You CAN use yours to call mine!!!  Anyways, hope you like todays confusing entry!!
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