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Dear Diary,
          Holy Mother of Catfish!!! Look at the time!  It is 2:12 AM!!! Crazy huh?  I have spent almost 3 hours trying to perfect these sites so that you have something to look at!  I think that is crazy!  I really seriously need to get some sleep.  Well today was strange, went to school (that was normal) and sat in my Psychology of Physical Performance (sport psychology) and was bored out of my mind, i started to plan a vacation that i will never take.  After boring sport psych, i thought i was going to meet my friend, but NO!!! she wasn't there was she?  Well that was fine, because i ended up being told that i have nice boobs (not in that way though) about 3 times, and i did a crap load of homework.  Yay! less to procrastinate now!  Well after that i went to my Introduction to Child Psychology class.  It was alright, i did an observation very much like i did in Mrs. Phillips class in high school, now i have to retype my observation notes! (never had to do that for Mrs. Phillips!)  Well, then i ate dinner (i'm pretty sure that's all you need to know about that!) while doing my Identifying and Helping Survivors of Dysfunctional Families class, which i had procrastinated until the last possible moment may i add! (1hr before class!!)  Any ways, we did a lot that i found interesting in that class, did a lot of Role-Playing! (that was fun! I was the Family mascot; the arguments that we had in the role-play made me feel right at home!) anyways, i'm in a very good mood suprisingly enough!  Then i talked to my friend, he knows who he is! Hurcules! LMAO.  Anyways, he put me in an even better mood!  He made me laugh even harder, can't wait til i see you again!  HAHAHA.  Moving right along, then i spent all that time fixing these pages, i hope that you appreciate it!!  HAHAHA  I think i need a new name for this, instead of Diary! What shoulf i call it?  I don't know!?!?!  Do you think that I'm Weird?  I do!!  Duhuhj Duhuh!!!!!! Okay, i'm just going to fix this so that the entries link together, then i'm going to get some sleep, i will send you the link to my webpage later! I'm tired!  Good thing i don't have class until tomorrow at 7:25pm!!!!!!  Hahaha
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