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Welcome to my personal web site.

This site is DEFINITELY under construction.

I am a retired professional
Merchant Marine Radio Electronics Officer, working as a civilian contractor on Military Sealift Command contract vessels and US Naval Ships for over 16 years. That makes me part Electronics Technician, part Technical Consultant and Communications/Computer Network System Designer/Implementer. I have also traveled all over the world to exotic (and not so exotic) places.

In my spare time I enjoy
Amateur Radio. My FCC-assigned callsign is NM7R. I teach classes for those wanting to get into this interesting pastime and am an accredited Volunteer Examiner, administering license tests. I have designed and constructed an extensive VHF/UHF Ham radio repeater network in South-West Washington State called BeachNet.

I have used HF (shortwave) Amateur radio to stay in contact with my wife, father and friends from all over the world using a mixture of Single-Sideband voice and Winlink email over Amateur Radio.

I also enjoy
flying around the Pacific Northwest in my light airplane. My Piper Cherokee was built in 1968 and flown to Astoria Oregon, where it taught a generation of folks to fly before a (minor) crash in 1972. After being rebuilt, and via a succession of owners, N7349J came to me in 1995. Since then I have spent well over 1500 hours dancing with the clouds.

Thanks for stopping by.
Climbing the 140-foot tower at North Cove, one of nine BeachNet repeater sites (for fun).
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