Writings and other scriblings

These are some of the articles I've written over the years. If you are interested in more, please be sure to check out the blog, that's where the newest stuff will most likely be.

  • IBM's Robocode: A Platform for Learning AI
  • - This is an article I wrote for the AI Depot. There was a contest to win a book, and this was my entry. I didn't win. But that's ok, there were some high caliber essays submitted, and I'm glad I got to read them. This article was mentioned on Flipdog.com which I'm really happy about, that's a majorly cool site for game development.
  • Demystifying AI in Everyday Life
  • - Another contest entry for the AI Depot. I didn't win the prize with this one either. ;) In this essay I'm trying to explain how AI doesn't need to be this mysterious magic that rules us, instead it can be a tool that we use to help us in our everyday life. This tool can best be understood (and thus programmed) by thinking about a problem in the same way a comptuer would, in its simplest terms. What we humans call "Common Sense".

    This article made an impression, I was interviewed over the phone for a magazine article. Also a course being taught at Princeton has refrenced it over several semesters.

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