Nick Loadholtes
Software Developer
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LanguagesWeb TechnologiesMisc. Skills
Java3 yrs
C/C++3 yrs
Pascal/Delphi6 months
ColdFusion1 yr
HTML/JavaScript6 yrs
HTTP3 yrs
shell scripting/AWK3 yrs
CORBA6 months
COM6 months
DatabasesOperating SystemsDevelopment Tools
Oracle (8i)2 yrs
SQL Server 7 & 20001 yr
mySQL6 months
SQL2 yrs
Windows NT/20005 yrs
RedHat Linux3 yrs
Solaris2 yrs
JBuilder3 yrs
Visual Studio5 yrs
Visual SourceSafe3 yrs
CVS3 yrs

Work history
Software Developer - Quovadx Inc. (formerly April 2001 - November 2002

-Business Process Management Web Services

  • Developed Business Process Management (BPM) systems on a proprietary web services platform utilizing J2EE, XML, XSLT, and XSP on Windows 2000 and Solaris platforms interfacing with Oracle and SQL Server databases.
  • Responsibilities included development, testing, bug fixes, and documentation. Recognized by peers as a source of information and opinion about the platform.

    Environment: Servlets, Tomcat, WebSphere, JRun, JSP, HTTP, CSS, SQL, CVS, UML, Windows 2000

    -Research and Development work

  • Helped design and implement the integration of CVS version control software into the company's flagship product.
  • Responsibilities in addition to development included documentation of the functional specification and the creation of test cases for use by Quality Assurance.
  • Developed a series of classes to integrate Java code (at runtime) into an existing C++ based application via the Java JNI API.
  • Evaluated vendor products and technologies (COM components) for integration into the company's existing products.

    Environment: TCL/TK, CVS, Java, Swing/AWT, COM, SQL, SourceSafe, Windows 2000

    Software Engineer -Global Telelink Services September 2000- March 2001

    -Voice Over IP Gateway Network

  • Designed and implemented upgrades to a proprietary VoIP network structure written in Delphi and C++.
  • Duties included QA test plan creation and execution, and overall system documentation.

    Environment: Windows NT, G723.1, Natural Microsystems hardware, Delphi, C++, SourceSafe, Red Hat Linux

    Software Developer - (formerly Intellivoice Communications) August 1997 - August 2000 unified messaging web portal

  • Utilized ColdFusion to create several sections of a unified messaging web portal on Solaris. Created pages for an interactive calendar, message filtering, and email aliases via interfaces to an Oracle database and an LDAP server.
  • Developed C++ extensions for ColdFusion server to allow functionality beyond what the original system was designed for. Took over development of Java servlets that are used by the web server to communicate with a variety of other platforms (IMAP and LDAP servers).
  • Responsible for adding enhancements, troubleshooting, and profiling/optimizing of existing code.

    Environment: Servlets, JRun, iPlanet (LDAP, calendar), Netscape Server, CSS, HTTP, SQL, PVCS, Windows NT, Solaris, shell scripting, NFS, RPC

    -Voice activated/TTS Directory Assistance IVRU

  • Junior engineer on the development of an Windows NT based text-to-speech directory assistance IVRU. Responsibilities included call flow verification, unit and stress testing, developing support applications (for billing and system updates) in C, and 3rd level support during deployment.
    Environment: Windows NT, AIX, Lucent telephony hardware, C/C++, SourceSafe, shell scripting

    -Voice Activated IVRU

  • Assisted Product Management, Customer Service, and the customer during installation of new software loads.
  • Insured sign-off on new software by explaining to the customer any questions they might have about the platform.
  • Worked closely with QA and Customer Service to helping to insure that code was being tested properly and that system configurations were correct.

    -Other activities

  • Participated in a code review of the IVRU's networking code in an attempt to identify (and eventually correct) any issues that were causing the IVRU to intermittently loose connectivity with other systems in the network.
  • Added C based extension to an vendor's existing alarming program to allow it to interface with our internal alarming application. This allowed the customer the ability to monitor (from one central location) how the IVRU's SS7 switch host was interacting with their network in order to quickly diagnose SS7 network issues.

    Quality Assurance Engineer - August 1998 - March 1999

    -IVRU testing

  • As new versions of IVRU code were produced, would assist in sanity testing, call flow verification, alarming, basic statistical generation, and stress testing (of both in-band and SS7 systems). At the end of the test cycle, assisted Customer Service in the installation and configuration of new software.

    -3rd level support for customer support group.

  • Advised Customer Service on troubleshooting procedures and installation of new hardware/software loads.
  • Trained new Customer Service analysts in the functionality of IVRU products and T-1/telephony basics. Would also help to train analysts in in-depth troubleshooting techniques for T-1 issues (utilizing a T-Berd 224a)

    Systems Analyst - August 1997 - August 1998

    -1st level IVRU troubleshooting

  • Troubleshooting responsibilities included in-band and SS7 T-1 issues, hardware failures, software corruption, and system mis-configurations. Very involved in system upgrades, ranging from physically relocating equipment to performing remote software upgrades.
  • Developed and documented several troubleshooting procedures that were later formed into parts of a troubleshooting manual that is now a part of standard Customer Service department documentation.

    -Currently enrolled at Georgia State University as a Computer Science major
    -Associate Degree in Computer Science from Clayton College (Morrow Georgia, 1997)
    -Java Programming (Sun's SL-275 course)
    -ColdFusion Development

    Refrences available upon request
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