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Hi everyone! Our names are  Larissa Nicole, Holly Jane, Brent Shane and we decided to make this  little website about stuff  thatwe like . Lissy Birthday is Feburary 18th, Holly's is November 4th. Brent's birthday is April 8th. We love playing with all our brothers and sisters and making new friends :) maybe you can be our friend too. If you want to have us write to you fill out the friends book or click on the email box or this link [email protected] and we'll get back to you  thanks!!
                                       Larissa Nicole, Holly Jane, Brent Shane,
Updated on: March 13th, 2008
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Update: 3/13/08: new story add to computer fun and changed colors
1/7/08: changed links to some of the stories and changed colors
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Special Message from us:
1/7/08: We ar very sorry  that we have been neglect our little site but this year we plan to update it more often! so come back oftn to see updates

Love Lissy, Holly, And Brent
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