The Kids' Photo Album
This is Holly and her  kitten Peaches
This is picture of our Pen pal sandy and her sisters Sherri and Suzie :) the one on the left is Sherry,Sandy is in the middle, and the one on the right is Suzie
Updated on: Janurary 10th, 2005
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Our friend Lanna :)
Here's Holly again
this is (from left to right) Ozzie, Oliva and  Ollie. They are triplets  :)
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Maria Ginger
Lissy's first day here
Holly and Lissy
Lissy< Brent, and Holly with easter baskets.
Anna the Easter bunny Kid.
Tara finds an egg.
Lissy and Holly and our puppy Star
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('kids in our patch)
US in the leaves.
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