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Updated on: March 13th, 2008

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This a group just for us cpk to intereact with each other and do fun stuff.
This is another group just for dolls any type of dolls :)
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Updated: 4/9/06 New story and updated links
  3/15/05 new article and new links
(kids in our patch)
This is Mommy's new group for the parents to talk about us kids and to get ideas off of each other.
Meet our new Siblings Christopher Travis, Iris Rose, (on top, let to right) Seth Grant, Harmony Leigh, and Shannon Michelle(bottom, left to right)
This is the new Website our mommy create where us doll can have fun and earn badges and Chat
Brent's 1st birthday
Brent just turned on. Please check our our storyboard to figure out how we spent his special day.
More New Siblings
New Siblings
We got new siblings Yesterday. Meet Emily Michelle and Eric Martin. They are twins!
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