1984 Cavalier Sleeper Project Car
The ultimate sleeper car is one that was never intended to be fast. Well, you can't get much more to that point than to develop a beat looking brown '84 Chevy Cavalier.
The car was originally bought brand new by my grandmother and was driven in typical little old lady fashion until she passed away several years ago. Then I got the car and it has led a very different life ever since.
My goal with this car is to run mid to low 13second 1/4 mile time and be able to take the car to an autocross with out any changes.
Hit the links to the right to see more about the progress I am making towards my goals.
Time Slips
Weight Reduction
Horse Power
The Latest News 12/31/03:
Now that the holidays are pretty much done, I have recovered from the Flu, and I am completely broke from x-mas shopping it is time to get down to some basic low/no cost mods for the SL33P3R.
I am gonna get started with soem pretty slick weight reduction, hoping to drop somewhere in teh neighborhood of 50lbs off the car without doing anything too obvious. I will weigh everything up and let you all know how it turns out.
I also hope to have soem updated ET tests with the Tazzo soon as I may have found a nice place to get at least a clean 1/8 run.
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