Welcome to The NJ Route 8 Historical Page

Where was NJ Route 8? - A little about the Northern New Jersey area this road served. You can also get a brief description of the Newark - Pompton Turnpike.
History of the Road - Before this road was first designated as State Route 8 around 1917.
Let's Take a Tour - Travel the Route as it looks today with sidebars of interesting things found along the way. You can also start along the Newark Pompton Turnpike.
Pixs of the Past - Pictures of sights along this Road from the first half of the 20th century (pre - 1928)

Picture Index - Index of Historical Pictures

Exits - Links to other Road sites and websites of historical interest related to this area   


This site was last updated 03/15/2009

I hope you learn something about State Route 8 history, Please email me if you have some historical information about old New Jersey State Route 8 or the Newark - Pompton Turnpike. Jim Williams provided the Route 8 gif and he also helped with the road history and editing.
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