Weird and unwise things I have done

Much of what I have depicted on this site is dangerous, spinning CDs to the point they fly apart, shooing canisters of presurised liquid, and the use of explosives may result in sevre injury, death, or property damage. I take no responsibility for any injury sustained or damages incurred due to attempts to replicate what you see on this page. You have been warned.

What you see on the following pages is an example of what happens when you take two teenagers, a rifle, some high voltage equipment, a vidio camera and a bunch of things to destroy in amusing ways, and lets not forget, plenty of interesting ways to destroy these things. When combined with an absence of parents, great amusement can ocoure.

Click on the links bellow to view some unwise things I have done:
Shaving foam - Ever wondered what happens if you shoot a can of shaving foam with an air rifle?
Sprit still - A small stil I built from tin cans, copper pipe, and aquarium pipe, it works quite well.
Tux the linux penguin - He can do all sorts of amazing things, watch him explode into a ball of flame!
Soda Cans - Take a nice can of soda, then shoot it.
AOL CDs - A creative use for all those AOL CDs you get in the mail, and a power drill.



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