Nicholas Howard's Web Pages
Welcome to my website that I use mainly for school work but other stuff such as the railgun that I plan to build will be on this webpage in the near future.

  My Web Page links:
  TourismNZ - My school website.
  Herb Birds - My other school site.
  Coil Guns - my site on designing and building coil guns.
  Weird Stuff - Weird and unwise things I have done. (under Construction)
  Nifty50 - A free Nifty50 I got from my grandad and the weird things I have done to it.


  Other School Website Stuff
  Design Brief - My school website design breif
  Evaluation - My school website evaluation


  Some usefull links: - A usefull site with a large number of web tools - A Messagebord about high voltage, EMP and coil guns - A website about producing your own alcohol

  Other People's Web Pages
  Sebastian Whincop's Web page
  Matthew Harnett's Web Page - The odd story index is strange, that's all I'll say.
  Dean Jercovitch's Webpage
  Tim Watson's Webpage

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