The website successfully provides a resource for other people interested in electromagnetic mass accelerators.

Design Issues:
The design is reasonably eye catching but things such as the banner and the rollovers for the buttons could be improved if I had better skills with Photoshop or more time. The site is easily navigable using the menu on the left.

Key Objectives:
The site satisfies the key objectives, it provides a resource for others interested in coil guns, it displays my projects to date, and it gives instructions on how to produce a proof of concept device.

Resources Required:
Due to problems with the school system (such as outdated software) , much of the website was constructed using my home computer and up to date software. I photographed the coil gun prototypes with my digital camera. The web hosting service created some problems, in order to change any part of the website, the entire site had to be deleted and re-uploaded. As a result of this, my website is now hosted on geocities as well so I have a backup plan in the likely event brinkster deletes my work again. At least one other student has had this problem.

The number of both photos and graphics I used, along with the relative size of each of these photos and graphics did cause long load times. As a result, this page is best viewed on a high speed connection. The other constraint was not an issue as the available web space exceeds the web space I require by a factor of 4.

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