What's New
7-29-02 Updated pages... just formatting, this time... :)

6-03-02 Updated all pages.  :)

3-26-02 New pages to be added shortly:  The Scarlet Pimpernel, and The Gutenberg Project (ebooks).
3-22-02 Reformatted
homepage, Gadget Girl page, and added a Time Travel Books & Movies page.  I expanded the movies page to include plays, TV and other forms of media (still under construction).  There will be a separate links page eventually. :)  I plan to overhaul the whole site and hope that others will stop by for new stuff and to send in trivia and useful information.

2-12-02 Reformatted the
"Fun and Healthy Recipes" page, with downloadable files, and updated all pages...  adding easy reference to links at the top of the page(s).

1-14-02 Changed format on
"Hypoglycemia" page.

1-8-02 Added
"The Gadget Girl" page to include palmtops, etc.  :)

12-01  Added
Current Interest page, changed recipes on Fun and Healthy Recipes page.

12-01  Updated overall look of site with new formatting and backgrounds, fixed broken links.

12-01  Divided interests into separate pages.
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