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There are several really good sites on the Internet that go in detail on this subject, but I'll summarize their findings, and what I've found out through personal experience.  It is not meant to provide a medical diagnosis; for those who identify with this, please check with your medical physician.

       Basically, there are two types of hypoglycemia that I know of:  insulin-induced (this occurs if/when a diabetic accidentally injests too much insulin, and it produces a serious medical response.)  The second type is reactive hypoglycemia (or low blood sugar).  This is not life-threatening, but it sure doesn't feel good!!  I will only cover the reactive hypoglycemia here, since there are many other wonderful sites which cover the diabetic version.

       Reactive hypoglycemia occurs when a sugary and/or overprocessed food is consumed, and the pancreas overreacts and produces too much insulin in the body.  It causes a number of symptoms, such as light-headedness, headache, nausea, heart palpitations, mood swings, fatigue, sleepiness, etc.
   Below are some useful links, including the low blood sugar eating plan that the doctor in 1994 gave me.  Two excellent books to check out are:  "The Low Blood Sugar Handbook : You Don't Have to Suffer....", by Edward A. Krimmel and Patricia T. Krimmel, and "The Low Blood Sugar Cookbook" by the same authors.
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To convert a recipe to sugar-free you may substitute the following instead of sugar:

1.  Frozen fruit concentrate (pineapple, apple, etc., thawed)  instead of the sugar in any recipe.  Just add in same amounts, and add 1/4 cup of flour so the batter is not too liquid-y.

2.  Stevia.  (See below for conversion chart).

3.  Applesauce.  (Can also be used instead of oil to cut the fat in the recipe.)

There are other items that you can use, such as Nutrisweet, Aspertame, Fructose, Honey, etc...  Use with caution; digestive and/or low blood sugar reactions may result.  My best successes are with the natural sweeteners (items 1 - 3).
                                 Sweetener Conversion Chart
                          From Sugar to Stevia or Fruit Concentrate

Sugar    =    Whole Stevia Powder -or- White Stevia Extract   -or-  Fruit Concentrate

1 tsp.            1/8 tsp.                          Dust on spoon                  Same amounts as sugar
1 tbsp.          3/8 tsp.                          1/2 pinch
1/4 cup         1-1/2 tsp.                       Pinch                       
1/2 cup         1 tbsp.                           1/8 tsp.   
1 cup            2 tbsp.                           1/4 tsp.
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