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Let Me Go!! Seven Days!!
est. Sunday August 29th, 2004

Welcome to Let Me Go!! Seven Days!! I am Psychotic Ryuichi, the webmistress.

This site you have stumbled on is my Gravitation fansite. Feel free to look around and stuff. **insert more info here**

For 11/25/04 AND 11/28/04 updates, click there--> **updates**


I am thinking of changing the layout and color theme of this site. Please take a look at the layout, and see what you think.

If you like this new "red" theme, please vote "red theme" below. If you like the "blue" theme (which is what you see now), and wish to see it fixed up better, please vote "blue theme" below. Polls will close 4/30/05, unless there is a big difference in votes. Thank you so so much!


If anyone wishes to contact me for anything, my email is below. Thank you very much for visiting!

[email protected]
- AOL Instant Messenger: hiei kurama27
- Feel free to IM me whenever you like.
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