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Let Me Go!! Seven Days!!
est. Sunday August 29th, 2004

Welcome to Let Me Go!! Seven Days!!

11/28/04 updates/announcements:
(1) issue to address

1) Are you looking for a place to chat with fans of Gravi, or a place to hang out?? Well, join LMGSDs Forums. I've finally gotten around to making it. Right now the skin is on default colors. I am going to see if I can get a custom skin to go along with the theme of the site. You can find the link on one of the site pages under Multi Media, the last one on the list. Or you can click here if you wanna go there now. LMGSD Forums


11/25/04 updates/announcements:
(2) issues to address

Im so so so sorry for not updating often. I have some new stuff for you though!! =D

1) The first thing I have for you, is a relationships chart of the main Gravitation characters of the anime. I will make another for the manga with all the characters that have appeared from volume 1 to volume 8. As each manga is released in the US, I will update the chart if neseccary. Volume 9 comes out on the 14th of December. XD~ If I have made a mistake, or you find something I missed, please e-mail me, or Instant Message me on AIM. :)

2) I have also added release dates and other information for & about the Gravi manga. The link is located under Manga Stuff on the left. I even scanned my own manga(english) for the section. Except for the Japanese covers. I thought you'd like to see covers for the unreleased books. But, if you want to check out the unreleased English covers, visit TokyoPop's website. They're all there except vol. 12.

Thanks for stopping by LMGSD!! Check back for more updates this weekend. (11.26.04 - 11.28.04)


9/12/04 updates/announcements:
(4) issues to address

1) My internet has been dropped from cable to dail-up. So, getting this site up and ready is gonna be even more hell than it was. Having cable was awesome, for not having to log on to internet everytime you thought of something and desperately needed an image in less than 5 seconds. Now, I have to work with what I have on the computer first before tying up the phoneline.

2) On another note, the mp3s and everything on the music section. I know there are links to downloads, but nothing works due to Angelfire not allowing to download offsite. (Angelfire hosted mp3s, but music section page has to be on Angelfire instead Geocities. Ill try to fix that this week. And while I am on the topic of the music section, I am figuring out the music to a few Bad Luck and Nittle Grasper songs. Sp expect to see some quickly made sheet music by me. The downside, its only for flute. But, not to worry, I will find a site that has notes for all instruments. (ex. Like, I have G, Eb, F (flute)... I will see what note on a Trumpet or whatever makes the same sound as those.) So, keep a look out for those.

3) On Mozilla FireFox browser, looking at this site, some links dont work, yet they do on IE 6.0 . So, if you use Mozilla or any other browser besides IE, and the links to profiles, sprites, and music or any other dont work, use IE, or move your cursor to the very left of linked text, and the hand should show up. Click there. Thats all. Last issue is addressed below.

4) And finally, the last bit of announcements. I look to you for help. I need some fan art, fiction, wallpaper, and other Gravitation related things to put up in the Fandom section. If you are willing to submit you work to me, just IM me at [AIM] nittlegrasper27 or email me at [email protected] OR [email protected].
Your email message should include: your name, title of art/fiction/wallpaper, your email, your website URL(if you have one), and the work itself. Credit will be given, of course.
*example of fanart/fiction/wallpaper page layout*

Example of Fanart

Title: Kawaii Ryuichi
By: JRWheeler

Example of Fanfiction

Title: Sugar High Hiei
By: JRWheeler



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