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Music of Gravitation

Here you can download some songs that are featured in the Gravitation TV and OVA series. I dont have all of them uploaded, because of trouble from angelfire. But soon, I will have all that I have up.
To download the song you want, right click the link and click Save Target As, or Save Link As, depending on your web browser. (ie. Mozilla, IE, Opera)


Nittle Grasper - Predilection Download 7.79MB
Nittle Grasper - Shining Collection Download 4.27MB
Nittle Grasper - Sleepless Beauty Download 2.20MB
Bad Luck - Spicy Marmalade Download 3.66MB
Bad Luck - In the Moonlight Download 4.77MB
Gravitation - Super Drive(OP) Download 3.57MB
Gravitation - Love Stuff Download 3.71MB
Gravitation - Anti-Nostalgic Download 3.88MB
Gravitation - Bird Download 4.50MB
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